To Making Affirmations

To Making Affirmations,

There is no right way to tell how you'll handle stressful situations. What I mean by that is, you may have an idea how you want to or should maintain stress, but there is really no guarantee. For instance, when I am in a high-volume stress scenario, I could keep it all in or become flustered quickly. Different factors come into play, like how much sleep I got, if something caused an emotional reaction before this moment, etc.

I've said it before, but here it is again: life is unpredictable. With this, comes the periods of feeling overwhelmed and, sometimes, self-doubt. Maybe you feel like what you're doing now could be going in vain. Hopefully, it is something that places you in a healthy state of growth, and to this is situation I say, don't ever give up.

I think of a few of the people I admire who have done monumental things in this world and remind myself that they were persistant. Even when they went through their times of sadness and trying, there was extreme drive in what they were passionate about that pulled them through. It helps me to get through my own trying times if only a little.

Albeit, you don't have to be great at anything in particular, but being genuine in your pursuit of happiness makes a huge difference. My challenge to you is to make an affirmation to yourself (write them down if you must!). It doesn't have to be anything long or drawn out, but simple or clear enough for it to feel meaningful.

Affirmations are basically reassurances. They are reminders that say, "hey, you've got what it takes and ignore those people or things who feel that you don't." These are statements that are encouraging and healthy; any form of harm or negativity shouldn't be within your affirmation.

I realize that there are situations that I've never experienced that someone else is going through right now. To those individuals I say: I know I cannot understand, but allow me to say an affirmation for you to even put out an ounce of warmth and encouragement.

May your affirmations heal and motivate you in the periods you need them most.



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