Even If You're Not A History Buff, You Should Visit The Museum Of The American Revolution

Even If You're Not A History Buff,  You Should Visit The Museum Of The American Revolution

I had fun at the museum?

Kylie Brofman

This past weekend I visited the American Revolution Museum. I honestly just know that we fought for our freedom against Britan. I expected to be bored out of my mind, but when I walked into the building I was surprised.

This museum goes the extra mile with not only artifacts from the revolution, but also have interactive movies and videos. There is even one with strobe lights and special effects. Each movie also helped people who are Deaf and had captions at the bottom of each movie. There was another part where there were interactive games you could play, like dressing up as a person from that time and sitting at the dinner table, or learning how to curtsey for the queen. This is perfect for little kids who go with their parents! Or for older people who do the same (I'm not going to lie my group and I dressed up).

Another part of the museum is touch screens where you can listen to short clips about people during that time and see documents from that time period. There are so many different aspects of the museum that told the complete story of the revolution. This museum is an interesting place that encompasses the American Revolution and helps others want to learn more. There were so many different aspects of the museum. There's even a boat replica! I feel as if going there helped me learn a lot about the revolution, the different aspects of it, and make me interested. I actually wanted to learn more and know more about the different aspects that go into it! There is also wax replicas of George Washington and different people who were involved in the revolution.

I didn't know a museum, besides the franklin institute could be interesting! This museum is very similar to the Franklin Institute but better with artifacts! I think everyone should go to this museum to learn about the revolution in a fun way, learn a little bit about where we come from and ACTUALLY ENJOY IT. This place is better than learning from a teacher in high school.

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