The November 2016 election is fast approaching. More people are attempting to educate themselves on the future of America, while others are still sparking sophomoric arguments over the Internet as they bask in the light radiating from their smartphone or laptop.

It's quite entertaining, honestly. I get a thrill out of seeing people argue with one another in such uncouth ways.

It is OK if you like a particular candidate. It is OK to discuss your thoughts and feelings regarding that candidate, whether it be with a fellow supporter, someone who does not support that candidate or someone who lacks a concise opinion on the candidate or the election in general.

It is OK to disagree. In fact, dialogue between different parties or viewpoints should be encouraged and discussed in a calm and mature manner. People become so overly confident and comfortable behind their social media platforms that they feel that anything can be said without consequences. People often forget that we must be mindful of others' reasonings for having the opinions they have.

Someone can think Donald Trump is not the best fit for the presidency just as much as someone else may believe that Hilary Clinton doesn't suit the role.

It isn't OK to degrade people for what they believe. We live in a free country, and no one should feel ashamed of what they think because of the fear that someone will pick a fight with them if they rightfully express their views. It isn't OK to tell someone that they are worthless solely because of what letter is on their voter registration card.

Someone's worth is not based off of political ideologies. If you cannot hold a mature discussion with someone of differing political views, then I personally don't think you're at the maturity level to consider those sorts of ideas to begin with.

What makes our country so great is that we have the ability to express how we feel about certain subject matters. We are so fortunate to be free to think what we want; quite honestly, I think a lot of people take that luxury for granted.

Twitter and Facebook fights are mind-numbingly stupid and pathetic as is. There is no need whatsoever to aim for the jugular over any sort of social media platform when discussing something as important and serious as politics.

I am so tired of people using the political affiliations of others in a derogatory manner. No one should ever feel at fault for what they believe. While there is a factor of choice involved with political viewpoints, people cannot really help thinking the way they think. If they like big government, then let them. If someone is strongly pro-gun, that's OK too.

Discuss your views, come to a mutual understanding of the opposition's thought process, and move on with your life. I promise you that subliminally posting about those "stupid (insert party here)s" will not make any difference in the outcome of this year's election.