7 Cheap Decorations To Make Your Dorm Cute From Amazon
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7 Cheap Decorations To Make Your Dorm Cute From Amazon

Here's how to make that 14x14 shoebox your home!

7 Cheap Decorations To Make Your Dorm Cute From Amazon

The best way to make friends at the beginning of college is to leave your door open and have the people in your hall walk by and notice how color coordinated your room is. Trust me on this. College is already expensive enough, so here are some stylish pieces of decor that won't break the bank.

1. Massive letters aka dominance asserters


Having your initial hanging up on your wall not only asserts dominance but makes people KNOW that this is your room. Get one for yourself, and maybe even your roommate too! My roommate and I had these big 'ol letters hanging above our bed and no one mistook our room for anyone else's.

2. Pretty fairy lights aka ambiance


Everyone loves string lights! Here are some inexpensive ones that'll be sure to brighten your day. Because dorms have harsh LED lighting, these lights add a nice ambiance and are a real mood changer. So, turn off those lights and turn on these pretty stringies!

3. Power quotes aka motivation boosters


Stylish little framed pictures like this that have quotes on them not only make your room look nicer, but they honestly make you feel more powerful. Whether they be ironic or not, it's a good way to get your personality across to any visitors who may enter your lair.

4. Fuzzy rug aka your guest bed


A cute rug! For only a few dollars! This stylish, shaggy rug will solve all your problems, and make everything 100% more cozy. Also, if you have guests spending the night, you can make them sleep on it! Plus grey matches everything.

5. Storage aka crap holders


These floating skinny shelves can be hung with command strips and are a great way to keep clutter off your floor. You'll be astounded by the amount of crap you'll accumulate through out the year, so a nice way to display it is essential!

6. Pretty picture frame aka memory sharer


Cute picture frames filled with flicks of you and your buddies! So everyone can see how popular you were in high school! But for real though, this frame in particular is super stylish and a nice shade of millennial pink. It'll make your desk feel more personalized and later on in your college career you'll probably end up switching the pictures out from that high school junior banquet pic to a new and improved picture of you and your sorority sisters.

7. Mug aka coffee vessel


A nice mug sitting atop your desk or shelf doubles as a cute little figurine, and a useful object! The amounts of coffee you put down through out the year will amaze you. Oh by the way, you'll probably want to buy a Keurig.

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