Here's something that may throw classical feminists for a loop; I'm a female and I'm also not a feminist. No, this is not because I have been "brainwashed by the misogyny." It's because I believe modern feminists are protesting for the wrong reasons.

Am I arguing that feminism has not aided me? No, not at all. It's given me the right to vote, the ability to hold a career and receive equal pay, and it's given me the same rights that only men used to be able to have. But that was a hundred years ago. Back when men and women's rights were actually unbalanced. But now, in a free, first-world country, I do not see the need for it when there are much bigger issues feminists could be fighting for.

The women who truly need the aid and attention of feminism these days are not those in this country. It is those women who live in third-world environments, who are still victims of human trafficking, child marriage, and honor killings.These are the people who need this country's help and support, not women trying to convince us of the wage gap.

Modern-day feminists today worry more about whether or not they are able to take their shirts off in public than if females in other countries can marry into a non-abusive relationship. They waste their time asking for governmental permission to kill their unborn babies and forget that there are others who are truly oppressed.

I believe that feminism is needed in the world. It is not, however, needed in our country. Feminism is needed for the downtrodden women in patriarchal countries who have no rights, and they need to be represented more. I will gladly support the feminist movement when it fights for a real cause. But, as long as it stays concerned on the irrelevant details of our society, it is a movement that I want no part in. Also, I will not vote for a woman candidate simply because she's a woman. I mean, what if that same candidate also happened to be a suspect for national treason? Feminists couldn't overlook that just because she's female could they?