I Am a Female Feminist, And I Do Not Feel Oppressed

I Am a Female Feminist, And I Do Not Feel Oppressed

To the ladies of the Odyssey who think they don't need feminism, you do.


Consider this possibility: it's possible to be a feminist and believe in female oppression without feeling the oppression yourself.

There are an abundance of posts on The Odyssey about how feminism is pointless because the specific female writing the article does not personally feel oppressed. There are articles calling out feminists and feminist ideas, saying they are absurd. There are articles that sum feminism up to being nothing but an excuse to walk around without a bra.

These female authors believe that they do not need feminism because they do not personally feel the effects of it. This is absurd.

It's the same logic politicians use against global warming. "How can there be global warming when it's twenty degrees outside!" Just because you personally do not feel the effects of something, doesn't mean it's not out there, that it's not happening.

There is sexism in the judicial system. Rape victims are blamed, legally, for their rapist's inhumane attacks. There are more and more laws being passed that allow rapists to escape the consequences of their absolutely deplorable actions. In Oklahoma, it is legal to orally rape someone if they are unconscious from alcohol consumption. It is not considered rape. In states like Massachusetts, it is illegal to even consent to intercourse if one person is intoxicated. In this case, consent isn't even considered.

Because how can you say no if you can't speak?

And everyone knows about Brock Turner, who raped an unconscious women. He was sentenced with six months. Why? Because he was a Stanford swimmer and the judge didn't want to ruin his future. This case is completely disgusting. And to make matters worse, he was let out early on good behavior. The minimum sentence, federally, for possession of marijuana, is one year. This kid raped a human being, a young woman with feelings who is going to suffer from emotional trauma for the rest of her life, and got less time than someone who smokes weed. The judge didn't want to ruin Turner's future, but he didn't think about the fact that this woman's life was ruined the minute Turner brutally violated her.

There are so many more cases of women, girls, even infants, not getting justice. Kraigen Grooms. Austin James Wilkerson. David Becker. John Enochs.

The list goes on.

There was no justice for those girls. Girls aging from toddlers to young adulthood.


This is a feminist issue.

There is sexism towards women in terms of income. As of 2013, for every dollar a white man makes, a white woman makes 78 cents. A black women makes 64. A Hispanic woman makes 54. Not only is this a gender issue, it is a race issue.

Feminism involves race issues as well. When white women break the glass ceiling, women of color are left behind to clean up the shattered pieces. This is not right.

For this article, I tried to do research on the abuse of women of color, but I couldn't. Every time I tried to look for an article, I was brought to horrific, disgusting, and scarring pornographic sites that create fetishes of the abuse of women of color.

But I could find plenty of articles about abuse of white women.

Additionally, feminism is a global issue.

I read an article once from a Trump supporter. She criticized feminism in the U.S because we're "selfish" and what we should really be focusing on is the oppression of women in the Middle East, who suffer horrific crimes at the hands of men, such as genital mutilation. Here is an article about a case of genital mutilation. As stated in the article, genital mutilation is common at about age seven.

Well, guess what. This is also a feminist issue.

And there's something really ironic about a Trump supporter saying that.

Our good 'ole president is pro-Israel. Anti-Semitic, but pro-Israel.

For those who don't know much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, read the Wikipedia page. In short, Israel is a country that oppresses women to no end. And they treat Palestinian women even worse.

This article includes the treatment of women in other countries as well, such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

And conservative republicans support these countries because they want their oil. It all started with Nixon in the 1970s.

So these anti-feminists authors here use the treatment of women in the Middle East as an argument against feminism, without realizing the politicians they support are in direct conflict of that argument.

And Donald Trump.

The man himself has no respect for women. He is a sexual predator and there is plenty of proof. There so much, in fact. I don't even know if I have to include any articles.

But I will.

There's the infamous 'grab 'em by the p****y.' Or how he would walk into the dressing rooms of beauty pageant contestants. Or just his quotes about women in general.

A big argument defending Trump is that 'all men talk like that; it's just 'locker room talk.' So by that logic, all men are sexist assholes.

What happened to the 'not all men' trend?

Also there's Trump's creepy relationship with his daughter. And if 'all men' are like that, I am seriously concerned.

So our president is sexist, too.

That being said, these articles that 1) criticize feminism in America, 2) compare the struggles of females in America to that of those in the Middle East, and 3) show support for Trump, are pretty ironic.

So to the ladies who write about how they don't need feminism, think about the people who do. That's exactly why you should support it. Next time you say 'modern-day feminism isn't for me,' dig a little deeper and see exactly why you're wrong.

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