5 Things Springtime Allergy Sufferers Know To Be True
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5 Things Springtime Allergy Sufferers Know To Be True

I want to enjoy the beautiful weather, but it's hard.

5 Things Springtime Allergy Sufferers Know To Be True

At the beginning of May, most of us are pumped. The weather's warmer, the April showers are subsiding, it doesn't get dark at 5 p.m., the best parts about spring are finally beginning!

Unfortunately, some people, myself included, can only enjoy this beautiful season for a few days. After that, we hit a certain point where our allergies come to attack us, leaving us to feel miserable and lazy.

Lisa Simpson, the perfect representation of me in the spring. My nose is clogged, I'm sneezing my face off and, to top it all off, my eyes are red and itchy. It's a great time.

If you're like Lisa and I and you suffer during this otherwise beautiful season, here are five things you know to be true.

1. Feeling sick in Spring is unexpected.

Okay, but like, springtime allergies are so rude. Everybody expects to feel like crap in the winter, it's common cold season, it's normal. Then you finally get over that and you think you're good until next year, but nope. Once it turns spring you're right back to feeling sick. It's not a cold, but it's just as inconvenient and annoying.

2. Feel like crap during finals

Finals are awful as is, especially if they're cumulative. But to make things worse, depending on what your school's schedule is like, your allergies could attack during final's week. That would be the cherry on top of the cake. Luckily this only happened to me, that I can remember, my senior year of high school.

3. Can't open the windows

It's 72 degrees outside. There's a slight breeze. It feels nice out, maybe I should just open the window to cool down my room and save on electric. That's how most people feel, but us allergy sufferers? Forget about it. Opening the windows is just another opportunity for irritants to enter your home, it's bad enough without the windows open. Unfortunately, air conditioners also blow all kinds of stuff in, so they might not be your best bet either. Hopefully you have a good fan.

4. Lawn mowers = evil

Oh, what a lovely day. I'll go for a nice walk, get my step count up and enjoy the sunshine. Everything's going great until... oh no, what is that noise? A lawn mower, crap. Here comes the sneezing. Now my nose is all irritated and I have to go back. Great.

5. Drowsy meds

Probably one of the worst things about allergy season is the meds. I don't know how anyone else reacts, but most of the meds don't work for me. The ones that do? They make me super sleepy, so I can't even think about taking them during the day. I'm left suffering. It's just awesome.

Ah yes, spring. The sun is shining, dogs are barking, I'm sneezing my head off and everyone thinks I'm sick. Thanks for the concern, but I'm fine, just in a love-hate relationship with the spring and very thankful for pocket tissue packs.

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