Summer is over and College Station is back to being WELL past its max capacity, yet my heart still remains the fullest thing in town.

Although school can be a pain, Texas A&M is home sweet home to every Aggie it houses.

Here are 12 thoughts the 12th man has upon returning to their sweet university.

1. I can’t believe gig 'em week is over already.

I guess it's technically called "howdy week" now, but I refuse to say that. Whatever its name, it's the best week of the semester regardless.

2. All the whoops for football season.

Liz Wytko

Gig. Em. Ags. My twelfth man towel is out, my face tattoos have been bought, and I'm ready to sweat my body weight all season long as president Jimbo Fisher leads us to the national championship. Ayyyy. Uhhuhhh.

3. Hashtag blessed that breakaway is back.

In my opinion, the most unique, breathtaking thing about A&M is the Christian community on fire for Jesus Christ. Nothing beats worshipping with thousands of your fellow students as you proclaim the name that is above every other name.

4. I really hope the rec dies down soon.

At the beginning of each semester, everyone is ready to reach their fitness goals. As a gym rat, I am sincerely rooting for each and every one of you. As a gym rat, I am also ready for you to start slacking so the gym can be empty again.


Self-explanatory. Please and thank you.

6. If only syllabus week was actually syllabus week.

Things go from our class schedule is on page six to get out a pen and paper real quick here in Aggieland. A small price to pay in order to get the best education in the world, no bias.

7. Endless joy because your college fam is reunited!

Shelby Jackson

Nothing is sweeter! I'm convinced college would be impossible without the souls you love who get to do it with you. Study sessions, grocery shopping, family dinners, coffee runs, it's all better with your besties by your side.

8. Wait, how many textbooks do I need?

There are two types of people. Those who buy all their textbooks for all their classes before classes even start, and those who wait until after their first classes to order them, procrastinate, and end up not buying any of them. Choose wisely.

9. Okay, this Texas heat can definitely chill out right about now.

I'm honestly tired of looking like I just swam to class instead of walked due to the amount of sweat on my back. It's gross! I'm embarrassed! I want to wear jeans! And sweaters! Please!

10. Maybe taking this 8 am was a bad idea...

From one morning person to another, don't play yourself. I love getting up at six. I really do. So I can workout, make breakfast, shower, spend time with Jesus, drink my coffee, and be on time to my 9am classes. 9am is doable. 8am is a sleep-deprived, grumpy trenta. Be honest.

11. One semester closer to getting that Aggie gold!

Shelby Jackson

Eyes on the prize. Fight to the finish. Every ag eagerly anticipates btho-ing 90 hours one semester at a time. We all like it and we all want A&M to put a ring on it.

12. Why the heck is our first football game on a Thursday?

Haley Walker

Midnight yell on a wednesday? Not even at midnight? And then I have classes the next day? And then I go to the football game? And then I have classes again the NEXt day? Pass. This isn't a middle school JV football game. This FTA football.

Thanks and gig 'em!!! BTHO first week of school!!!