10 Things All Aggie Families Know
  • 1-If someone says “whoop” everyone within 100 feet will drop everything they’re doing to respond with their own “whoop”
  • 2-A thumbs up is no longer just a thumbs up it becomes a secret sign that will instantly bond you with complete strangers
  • 3-The ring…it’s the most valuable thing an Aggie owns and if you shake the hand of someone with that big golden Aggie ring it’s an instant friendship
  • 4-Aggies stand by Aggies, even perfect strangers will stand up for a fellow Aggie
  • 5-Bad sportsmanship is not tolerated, Aggies will turn to people who are not being good Aggies and call them just that, a “Bad Ag,” to remind them that Aggies are supposed to be caring, kind, good sports no matter what that scoreboard says
  • 6-Maroon is a wonderful color and actually looks good on everyone and everything, the amount of maroon clothing I now own is insane
  • 7-“Hullabaloo Caneck Caneck” this is the Aggie war hymn that any good Ag can hear from miles away-once someone starts it…it cannot be stopped and will only grow in volume
  • 8-Reveille is not just a dog-if she barks in class the class is immediately dismissed, she has her own handler, if she lays on your bed sorry but you have to find a new place to sleep, she is A&M’s first lady and will be treated as such
  • 9-Aggies have strong legs-they stand the entire game in support of their team as the “12th man
  • 10- Texas A&M is not your average university and it builds incredible men and women, I’m so proud of my big brother the Aggie and while I may be a Bama fan those Aggies will always have a special place in my heart
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