To College Students Struggling with Their Future
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To The College Student Struggling With Their Future, Just Breathe

Trying to figure out where to go from here?


The first thing I can say is to relax. I know that your roommates already know what they want to do. I know that your boyfriend or girlfriend already has that summer internship during the first week of school. I know your parents are giving you the names of their friends with an interesting job.

Ignore them. Just breathe.

It is hard when the world around you is moving at the speed of light. This does not mean that you need to. I know it is easier said than done because trust me, I have been there. But you do have time to find your interests and work toward a specific path.

However, college goes by quick and all of a sudden you're in the real world.

I am not trying to be that annoying upperclassman who says "get involved!" but… get involved. Joining clubs and student organizations requires no resume, no background experience, and no networking. You can simply just sign up and go to meetings. By doing this, you meet other students, people who can help your future and discover what interests you.

I went into college with no idea what I wanted to do. My orientation day was the most stressful day of my life because I had no clue what courses to enroll in and had to decide right then and there. So, I signed up for general elective courses and knocked out some of my dance minor requirements.

At the involvement fair during welcome week, I was stopped by a student encouraging me to join the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I had heard of public relations, but never thought about it as a potential career. The following week I attended the first meeting where a local professional came and spoke to us. The meeting was rather informative; however, I left feeling unsure about it as an interest. Even with my skepticism, I continued to go to meetings each week.

One meeting, a PR pro announced a contest on Instagram. This contest included us commenting on a photo and someone being randomly chosen for a networking lunch.

To my luck, I was the chosen one.

My lunch with this local professional was incredibly informative. I learned so much about the industry and the different career paths you can travel down.

After this, I finally discovered my interest. If it weren't for her guidance and information, I would have never had the knowledge to even know what I liked and disliked. She connected me with a colleague in my hometown and I visited his company on a shadow experience. Leaving my shadow day, I was hooked.

I finished the end of my sophomore year taking courses towards a strategic communication degree and am actively involved in PRSSA. Because of my experiences in examining different career paths, I landed a digital marketing internship with my mentor's colleague at Sixth City Marketing.

I know my experience involved a lot of luck, but my point is that I stumbled upon my interests by putting myself out there. I still have zero clue at what career I want, but at least I have a direction.

Everyone in college is trying to find themselves. Everyone in college is trying to discover their future. Stay in your own lane and focus on yourself. Don't let your roommates, friends, or classmates make you feel that you have to travel at 100 mph on a 60-mph road.

Join clubs, go to meetings, reach out to local professionals. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. Take your time, stay involved and don't give up on yourself!

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