As I think back, I remember the days when my grandmother would take me shopping the night before Easter Sunday.

"It's time for you to pick out your Easter dress.

Not too short and just dainty enough to not draw much attention. As we scoped isle by isle, I obviously thought every dress was always the perfect one. My mother would always get the hot comb heated to what felt like a temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and as I winced in pain from "heat", she prepared me for the morning's joys.

As we made our ways to Easter Sunday service, my mind was always set to the festivities that followed our prolonged Sunday service. Always with my best friends family, Here a ton of kids, gathered in cars and met at her house in the country. An open field of grass, we were always greeted with food, family and of course (semi-noticeable Easter eggs). Sometimes dyed hard-boiled eggs and others times there were plastic shaped ovals filled with candies and treats.

As I grew, my joys of Easter hunting lessened because the goodies just didn't quite work for me anymore. A life consumed of sweets had become far too much for me and practically, searching in the sun for hard boiled eggs seemed less than thrilling.

Just yesterday, I went to visit a friend of mines at Clemson Downs Assisted Living Facility and on the walls plastered posters encouraging the annual senior citizen Easter Egg Hunt. This got me to thinking... If at 70 years of age -- someone could still find joy in the hunt then why couldn't I?

Now, In growing -- I wholeheartedly believe that there is no reason that children should be the only ones allowed to enjoy the joys of the Easter Holiday. But, as a young adult, I do feel that we should be allowed to place our own spin on the event.

I mean honestly, I can't be the only one who now longs for the excitement of this spring fling.

I picture the day beginning with morning brunch with mimosas and cutely colored eggs ( palpably hidden ) filled with goodies like miniature bath bombs, decadent chocolate and caramel melts, jewelry, socks, money, mini alcohol bottles --I mean the possibilities are endless!

This could be seen as a time for adults to relax and have a bit of their own fun all while channeling our inner child.