I was never the type of person to wade out

Life's undulating waves of unforeseeable ups and downs

Insofar as creating constructive waves

To further convolute

The simplest of tasks

In the quandaries of relationships

Is this the fault of my debater disposition?

To see a hollowed out shell of myself in others

That lead me to projecting a

Greater delusion of problems

So far out in the horizon, I'm remiss

To the fact that they will indefinitely

Engulf me in the trench

Of the green-eyed monster

Envy for those with a blase front

Asserted as a shield

Against Mother Nature's most cruel

Weathering, wondering if this

Affirmation of self is established through

Practiced motions or through unconscious ambulations

I am learning to surrender myself as a

Falling feather adrift at sea