The definition of " enough" has defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as “occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations.” Such a definition has a strong meaning and can be used in many different contexts including conversations talking about supplies, food and money. If an individual has enough food, their supply is sufficient to supply the demand. The demand is a population of people, the inventory of a grocery store, etc. Often times, individuals, specifically women – do not feel as if they are enough. They feel as if their personality and love for their partner is not enough. They feel as if the work they are working so diligently toward, is not sufficient.

I find myself questioning my worth occasionally. Working so hard in the classroom, is it going to be enough to land me the perfect teaching job in the best district in the state? Am I going to gain the right about of experience throughout my part-time job in order to present myself as a well-qualified individual? Am I going to seen by others as the “cool girl?” Am I wearing clothes that are considered trendy in today’s fashion world?

As a nineteen-year-old college gal, I have recently started pondering the thought of question myself, as often as I do. I have also wondered if anyone in this world feels the way I do. Surely, I am not the only young woman that doubts herself more than they should.

In order to achieve your highest goals in life, you must be the one to believe in yourself first and foremost. My mother once told me, “No one is going to take care of yourself like you will.”

I have found this statement to be self-evident. Instead of doubting myself, and constantly wondering if I am enough – I am going to focus on accomplishing goals for myself. Me, myself and I. It doesn’t matter if everyone else approves of your decisions. It doesn’t matter if others look at you, as unfashionable. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is not mirrored like ones plastered on television shows and magazines across the nation. As long as you, yourself are happy and content with your life – that is all that matters!

Over the past year in college, I have struggled to gain the confidence be my own person – rather than who everyone else wants me to be. It is hard. However, it is the most rewarding piece of mind that you could ever give yourself. You are MORE than enough, you are a strong and confident woman with big dreams and aspirations – stop worrying about your image, and if you are viewed as enough.