How You Know You're Addicted To Pokémon Go, As Told By The Office

How You Know You're Addicted To Pokémon Go, As Told By The Office

Kind of like when Michael discovered YouTube and didn't work for five days.


Here are 10 ways to know that you are in way too deep with Pokémon Go, as told by The Office.

1. Your friends ask you to come hang out, but you say you’re sick so you can go catch Pokémon instead.

Turns out, you're not very good at coming up with plausible excuses.

2. You spend excessive amounts of actual money on Pokéballs.

Yes, spending real life money on imaginary items is totally sane, mom.

3. You get unnecessarily angry when a Pokémon runs away.

Nah, Abra, really, it's fine. I'll just waste all of my pokeballs on you just so you can run away.

4. You end a friendship because the other person is on Team Mystic.

Yeah, I said it.

5. You stay out at public parks, catching Pokémon, until ungodly hours of the morning even though you have to be up early.

It’s 4 am?! It was 5 pm like two minutes ago.

6. As a passenger in a vehicle, you yell at the driver to slow down so you can get Pokéballs from a Pokéstop.

FYI, you can't drive 15 MPH on the highway.

7. You have 70 pidgeys.

So. Many. Pidgeys.

8. You get upset when your lure attracts more people than it does Pokémon.

It's only okay when I mooch off of lures. Geez.

9. You’ve been stopped by the police for being out late at night catching Pokémon.

"I'm actually not smoking weed, believe it or not, officer."

10. Since Pokémon Go came out, you’ve barely payed attention to anything else.

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