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When I was 14, I had no idea what I wanted to accomplish in high school or the future. All I knew was that my dream school was UMD and that I liked writing. I never thought once that my dreams would be coming alive. Freshman year of high school, I was mistakenly put into the yearbook class where there was no other freshman, expect Ryana and me. At least I wasn't in this alone.

So, at orientation, I vividly remember this slightly, auburn-reddish hair lady named; Mrs. Tufano, explaining to Ryana and me that the yearbook class is mostly mixed seniors and juniors and was surprised when she saw two freshmen were on listed and joining. But she welcomed us with open arms. Little did I know, that this lady, became someone I grew to love, trust, and inspired me to chase my wildest of dreams. She became my "Mama T."

Fast forwarding to the first few weeks of school, I remember getting my first assignment about skits in the classroom, and creative teachings of the forensics teacher, Mrs. Vicinelly. When I got the assignment I remember, Ryana and I looking at each other so confused on where to start. But Mama T said she believed us in gals, and she'll guide us through it.

After we completed the assignment, I fell in love. I knew at that moment that this something I want to continue to, and it was all because Mama T believed in me. Toward the end of my freshman year, the seniors and juniors became "lazy" so to say, when it came to stories and interview.

So, I spent the last few weeks writing those stories and going on the interviews. I pushed myself to work so the yearbook can be on time for the school year deadline. When we did finish, Mama T sat me down and praised my skills as a people person and writer. She told me if I continue to take yearbook and improve my skills I could one day become an editor.

I took yearbook every single year, and by senior year I become Advertisement Editor in Chief. I was able to use my people and management skills to bring our small group of yearbook nerds together and sell as much as we can. I'm thankful for the opportunity that pushed me to see the world. As we have approached my senior year, its time, I discuss the other influential yearbook teacher I had - Mrs. Renehan.

Now, Mrs. Renehan if you are reading this, I'll keep this as brief as possible since I don't want to go overboard. You know much how I love to write. When Mrs. Renehan took charge, she pushed me to go beyond writing and interviewing and told me as a journalist I have to work on my weakness because that can become my one of the most significant strengths. Mrs. Renehan heard my dreams to accomplish something in journalism, after all, UMD offered one of the highest journalism schools in the country and told me that she could help. She handed me the advice I needed to hear and now because of that advice I'm pursuing something that I once thought was a dream.

The point is, Mama T and Mrs. Renehan believed in me, and I wouldn't have become the writer or journalist if it wasn't for them. I wouldn't have applied or received my position as EIC for UMD's Odyessy or obtained my internship with the MoCo Show if it wasn't for these teachers. I needed a push, and without hesitation, these teachers gave it to me. So, Mama T and Mrs. Renehan, thank you for everything. I'll make you proud.

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