The ABCs Of Your First Week Of College
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Student Life

The ABCs Of Your First Week Of College

Things that every first year college student can relate to.

The ABCs Of Your First Week Of College
Maggie Grogan

ABC, but not as easy as 123.

​A: Adventuring.

Being completely free is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. Going out into your college town or just trying new places on campus is a fun thing to do and a great way to meet people.

B: Bye Mom! And Dad! And the life I've known and loved for the last 18 years!

Saying goodbye to your parents, family, and life as we know it is almost impossible without tears. Parents are crying all over the place, watching their babies grow up, and students are hiding in their shoebox-sized dorms because of the adjustment. It does get better. I promise.

C: Countdowns. 

Whether it be counting down until your school's first football game or the next time your family or friends are visiting, there's always a reason to countdown. Even if it's something silly, like making it to the weekend.

D: Dining Hall Food.

As amazing as your school's food is, nothing compares to a home-cooked meal.

E: EmergenC.

The best thing, and probably the only thing, that can provide any defense against the hell that is about to break loose in your immune system.

F: Free Stuff! 

As my very wise professor once said, "You're a freshman. You shouldn't have to pay for food this week." T-shirts are a hot commodity on college campuses, and if you don't have at least one free shirt from every day of welcome, you're doing it wrong.

G: Getting lost on your way to EVERY class.

Especially if you have a huge (but beautiful) campus with a million and one buildings that all look the same, chances are you're going to get lost. And that's okay. Because odds are, everyone is.

H: Homesickness, even if you've been dying to go to college since the first day of high school.

As excited as everyone I know was to get to college, once we were on campus alone, we were lost. We didn't have our parents there to tell us what to do, no little siblings to hang out with and drive around, and no hometown friends to talk about old drama with. Sleeping in a new bed is the most bizarre thing at first, but once you're settled, everything seems to fall back into place...but just until you can go home.

I: Introductions.

"State your name, major, hometown, and one fun fact about yourself." The most dreaded words that anyone in a college setting can hear. The most annoying kind of professors are those who spice it up, and ask something irrelevant, like your favorite vegetable or your shoe size.

J: Juggling classes and social events.

College truly is a balancing act. Regardless of how many times people tell you that, you won't realize it or learn until it's a Tuesday night during syllabus week, you're drowning in homework already, but your friends wanna grab dinner. If you're anything like me, you'd pick dinner too.

K: Kissing up to your RA.

Don't do it! Apparently that makes them mad.

L: Late nights. 

No parents or any real adult situation means walking in whenever, and being as loud as you please. (Unless your school has looooong quiet hours.)

M: Music.

What you listened to at home doesn't matter anymore. College changes the kind of music you listen to and the kind of music you enjoy.

N: Napping.

College naps are a true blessing from above, and anyone who doesn't take advantage of them is missing out big time. I always heard about them, but didn't know that they could ever feel this good.

O: Orientation.

A snooze fest for some, but a chance to meet others and create lifelong friends. After two full days of orientation, your brain just checks out. If you don't hear what they're saying because you're in your own little world, you'll make it. (Somehow.)

P: Parties.

This is the easiest week of the semester, so live it up while you can. Hang out with friends, go do something, have fun while you can. Before the madness begins. You only get two syllabus weeks a year, so make them count.

Q: Quizlet.

Two words. Life Saver.

R: Roommate agreements. And bonding time. And dance parties. 

If you're anything like me and lucky enough to love your roommate, then you do everything together. You're basically are a married couple. I went from having a big room by myself to literally being married and sharing a tiny space with someone.

S: Sylly (Syllabus) Week.

The only thing I can say is... SYLLY WEEK!!!! Do it for the sake of sylly week.

T: Trying to stay awake in all of the orientation sessions.

Between the plethora of information your brain is trying to absorb and the crazy early mornings to the late nights, orientation is a looooong weekend. You're more tired than you think, because everyone was struggling to stay awake.

U: Underestimating how long your body can survive without adequate sleep.

As soon as I stepped onto my campus, I automatically joined Team No Sleep. Never thought that I would do that, because I am the sleepiest person in the world, but I did. Your body is a lot stronger than you give it credit for. It doesn't need as much sleep as you think it does to get you through the first week.

V: Very accommodating people.

Everyone is in the same boat as you, so everyone is just as desperate for acceptance and new friends as you are.

W: Welcome home! 

This is your new home. It's like when you go on vacation: when you pull up to the hotel, they welcome you home. Except this really is your new home, and you have to make it home sweet home (for at least the next ten months.)

X: X off things on your TO DO list. 

College students walk on campus and immediately have a long list of things to do. Whether it be stuff for your RA, interest meetings, homework, or even eating, it piles up fast. The best feeling is crossing things off of that list.

Y: Yelling.

I don't really know why, and I doubt anyone actually does know why, but everyone yells... college is a loud place.

Z: ZZZZzzzzzz.

All of the sleep you WON'T be getting!

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