AARON CARTER Brings His Party to Your Sorority House!
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AARON CARTER Brings His Party to Your Sorority House!

Calling all Odyssey readers: WHO WANTS CANDY?!

AARON CARTER Brings His Party to Your Sorority House!

We have some exciting news to announce-- the Odyssey is teaming up with Aaron Carter for a sorority contest, and he will be coming to YOUR CHAPTER HOUSES!! Thats right ladies, your middle school dreams are about to come true.


Your Job:  Get your sorority to buy the most tickets to Aaron's show in the city near your. 
Your Reward: Aaron will personally come to that winning sorority house before the concert for a meet & greet with your ENTIRE chapter.

Aaron Carter. In your house. With your sorority sisters. Hanging out. HELLO. It's Aaron's party in your sorority house.

Contest Rules:
1. Visit Aaron's website to buy tickets to the concert nearest your campus. Your sorority will be competing with all other sororities from your campus, as well as any other campuses in that surrounding city.
2. Screenshot your purchased ticket confirmation, and email it to ACodysseycontest@gmail.com. In the email subject line, write your name, your university and your sorority chapter name.
3. The contest ends 48 hours before Aaron's concert, so get your emails in soon!

Below are the dates of Aaron's concerts in each city. Take a look and see when he will be coming to a your college town! For the college towns he's not coming to: if there's a city within an hour of your campus, Aaron will give backstage passes to the entire winning sorority chapter for a private meet & greet/ hangout after the concert.

GET PUMPED ODYSSEY READERS! More information about Aaron at your campus specifically is on its way, so keep reading TheOdysseyOnline.com!  

P.S. Don't forget to share this article and show your sorority sisters!

Tour dates and cities:

September 18: San Juan Capistrano, CA
September 21:  San Diego, CA  
September 25:  San Louis Obispo, CA
September 26:  Santa Cruz, CA
September 27:  Sacramento, CA
September 28:  San Francisco, CA
September 29:  Chico, CA
October 2: Eugene, OR
October 3: Seattle, WA  
October 5: Spokane, WA
October 6:  Boise, ID
October 7:  Salt Lake City, UT
October 8:  Boulder, CO
October 9:  Lincoln, NE
October 10:  Lawrence, KS 
October 12:  Columbia, MO  
October 14:  Saint Louis, MO
October 15:  Urbana, IL
October 16:  Bloomington, IN
October 17:  Joliet, IL
October 18:  Indianapolis, IN
October 19:  Mt Pleasant, MI
October 21: Grand Rapids, MI
October 22: Ferndale, MI
October 23:  Columbus, OH
October 24:  Akron, OH
October 25:  Buffalo, NY
October 26:  Syracuse, NY
October 28:  Ithaca, NY
October 29:  Pittsburgh, PA
October 30: Amityville, NY
October 31: Philadelphia, PA
November 1:  Stanhope, NJ
November 2: Boston, MA
November 4: State College, PA
November 5: Allentown, PA
November 6: New Haven, CT
November 7: New York City, NY
November 8:  Poughkeepsie, NY
November 9:  Annapolis, MD
November 10:  Vienna, VA  
November 12:  Charleston, SC
November 13: Athens, GA
November 14:   Atlanta, GA
November 15:  Nashville, TN
November 16: Birmingham, AL
November 18:  Auburn, AL
November 19: Tuscaloosa, AL
November 20:  Tallahassee, FL
November 21:  Tampa, FL
November 22:  Orlando, FL
November 23: Gainesville, FL
November 25:  Jacksonville, FL  
December 2:  Memphis, TN
December 3: Oxford, MS

December 4: Little Rock, AR
December 5:  Fayetteville, AR
December 6:  Tulsa, OK
December 7: Dallas, TX
December 9: Austin, TX
December 11: Tucson, AZ
December 12: Phoenix, AZ
December 13: Los Angeles, CA 

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