the hardest thing about love
is vulnerability
once you get a little too close
everything about them matters
and you tell yourself
that you're your own person
and they're their own
but then what keeps them awake at night,
keeps you awake,
and what rips them apart,
rips you apart,
what makes them laugh so hard their sides hurt,
does the same to you
and in some horrid circumstance where karma
decides to bite you back for your actions,
it places you
in a situation where you can't help them
when they need you the most
and that's where the heartbreak starts
so why be vulnerable?
why get a little too close
now you're also accountable
for their feelings too
and now it's two worlds filled with mishaps
that you have to experience
even though one was already hard enough
but i guess that's the thing about love
that someone matters to you this much
that you have more to wake up to
and simple friendship walks turn into
a routine that doesn't feel like a routine
and the little dirty corner that you guys always sit at
is now so fucking beautiful
because now that those two worlds are combined
you are finally experiencing
a universe