A Rainy Summer Day

I woke up to the sound of thunder crashing across the early morning sky.

Right away, I knew it would be a rainy summer day; my room was still dark, which meant there was no sun sneaking its way through my closed blinds, and I could hear the patter of the rain against the road as cars were zooming by to get people to work. It was only 7 am but it felt no earlier than noon.

It didn't take my eyes much adjusting by the time I was fully awake because there was no brightness to adjust to. I stayed still in my bed, only moving to wrap my blanket tighter around me. I felt safe in this cocoon of mine- snuggled in the warmth of wool.

I closed my eyes again, hoping to fall back asleep to the now more gentle rhythm of the rain. Days like these automatically told my body to stay in bed for as long as possible before I had to practically drag myself out. I soon began to drift into a light sleep while the world outside me was still being washed clean.

It was 10 am by the time I was brushing my teeth and staring at my bed head through the bathroom mirror. There was no point in brushing it because I wasn't planning on leaving my house on a day like this. I went with the usual messy bun and walked out, satisfied with the minimal effort it required.

The house was quiet for the most part- with only the humming of the dishwasher breaking the silence downstairs. It was still dark and gloomy outside so the kitchen lights were on by the time I made it downstairs.

The warm smell of chocolate chip pancakes greeted me from the stove as I followed its trail of deliciousness. I grabbed a plate from the freshly cleaned dishes which were still steaming hot from the machine. As I unloaded all the dishes I left one out for myself to place my fluffy meal on. As I ate, I observed my backyard through the window and watched as the rain drops were bouncing off the patio furniture. There was something about the way the rain drops fell all in unison that was calming to me.

I'm grateful for days like these- days where it rains so hard and for so long that it is almost impossible to get to your car without getting soaked or the traffic is so bad that you're happy you get to stay at home all day.

There's something powerful about the way summer storms randomly show up and are able to ruin picnic plans or outside concert events; where only the brave go outside, not caring if their hair turns into a frizzy mess. Personally, I am one of the cowards who escapes the rain as best I can and just watches it pour down as an insider.

As the rain comes to a stop I wonder when or if it will rain again that day. Rainy summer days are unpredictable and have a mind of their own.

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