Rainy days are usually the thing that make people sad during the summer. However, rainy days do have their perks if you know how to find them. Here are eight reasons having rainy days in the summer is actually awesome!

1. It cools off

gene kelly rain GIF

The weather outside FINALLY gets just a little cooler, something that you can't really complain about

2. You get to spend some time inside and not feel guilty

netflix television GIF by Party Legends

If you're really into watching Netflix during the summer, it's hard to watch it outside on a sunny day because you can't see the screen and then you feel guilty for sitting inside when it's nice out, but rain gives you a perfect excuse.

3. Rainy weather makes for really good naps

nap GIF

Need I say more?

4. The sound is amazing

rainy day rain GIF

If the sound of rain falling doesn't make you feel happy and peaceful, I'm not sure we can be friends.

5. Rain and coffee is the perfect combination

days GIF

A hot drink on a rainy day is amazing!

6. You can have really good movie nights

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SImilar to the Netflix thing, rain takes any guilt you might have about not going outside away. Plus, it cools the weather off so you can snuggle up with a blanket.

7. It makes everything smell really good

happy rain GIF by Ethan Barnowsky

Flowers already smell amazing, but add in some rainy day freshness and you're good to go.

8. You can go out and play in it

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Go be a little kid and play in that warm summer rain! No judgment here!