So, you made it! You're in the home stretch, the second semester of your senior year. Graduation is probably about a month away. It's easy to be excited, there is so much lying ahead of you whether it is college, a job, a gap year, the real adult world. There are many adventures that await you.

But, my dear senior, do not get so caught up planning for the future that you forget to enjoy this moment. The moment you are in right now, you will never get back. It's very bittersweet. You're doing everything you have normally done, except it's your last time. Your last prom, your last pep rally, your senior week. It's important to recognize the significance of the last moment but not to focus too much on the fact that it is your last time, and more on enjoying the moment.

Keep working hard but take some time to make the memories. Take the extra trip to get coffee with your friends after school. SPend your lunch breaks laughing at stupid things with your friends, not caring about what others think. Go all out with the school spirit. Who cares if you look dorky waving the pom pom, it's your last chance, and you'll regret it if you don't. Take pictures and videos, as many as you can. Don't just take pictures of the big moments, make sure to capture the day to day: you and your friends being silly by your lockers to or messing around after school. You don't want to look back on a posed highschool life, you'll miss reminiscing on the little moments.

The bottom line is: go 100% in everything you do. Enjoy your life. Enjoy these moments. Worry less about appearances and more about memories.

Live it up, work hard, have fun, and cherish these moments.

Love, A College Freshman