Words Can Hurt, But A Lack Of Words Hurts More

Words Can Hurt, But A Lack Of Words Hurts More

The sting of harsh words can not compare to the ache of a lack of words.


Words can sting. They can really sting. They can burn, and jab, and stab at your spirit. They can sucker-punch you and 360-karate-kick your soul. Words can hit you with an impact as forceful as a truck. In short, words can hurt like hell.

But much like injuries like stings and pokes and burns, words are capable of healing. The initial shock is painful when words injure you, but the recovery is manageable, and often quick. Throw a band-aid, an ice-pack, or a full-on body cast on your injuries and the pain will dissipate, leaving you with only battle scars.

A lack of words does not heal, because a lack of words does not sting. A lack of words does not burn, nor jab or stab, nor sucker-punch or 360-karate-kick. A lack of words does not hit you with the impact of a truck, but rather with the burden of chronic pain. A lack of words aches. And much like chronic pain, a lack of words does not heal; it may dull over time, you may get used to the pain. But you do not heal from a lack of words.

If you are suffering from a lack of words from someone, you are not alone. Although the words you are longing for may never come, the pain will dull. You will rebound, you will stop thinking about it as much. One day you will look back and realize that you haven't thought about that person in a month, and you will smile. Another day, you may finally realize that the lack of words is okay. You will take your memories and move on from this person, thanking the memory of them for the good times but never forgetting the pain they have put you through.

If you are someone who is currently ignoring someone, all I can say is that life is far too unpredictable for that. You never know what could happen in a week, day, or hour from now to someone you refuse to talk to. It's wonderful that life is so unpredictable, but simultaneously terrifying when you think about it. As far as we know, the entire world could come undone tomorrow. Furthermore, life is short. In the grand scheme of the universe, our lives are a blink in time, or less. So if you care for someone, do not let precious days or weeks or months slip away ignoring them. Say how you feel. Reach out to those you love. Remind everyone in your life who means something to you how much they mean to you. I do not want you to ever have to look back with regret at something you didn't say, after it is too late.

Work out your issues with words. Because although words can hurt, words can also heal and love.

A lack of words does nothing but ache.

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