A Beautiful Coincidence Was My Wake Up Call

A Beautiful Coincidence Was My Wake Up Call

Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut that you didn't realize you were in, but certain occurrences can pull you out of one.


I believe there are good and bad in the universe. I believe that good things can come from bad occurrences. BUT I don't believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes there are beautiful coincidences that can make situations better and can be helpful. In my opinion, I believe the universe gives you these added encouragements (we'll call them) because sometimes you just need it. Sometimes the bad defeats the good, unfortunately. This gives so much opportunity for growth within yourself which leads to great outcomes. It's just so hard for me to believe that the bad things that happen in life, like getting stolen from, people you love getting sick, or losing a loved one, happens for a reason, but just because I believe that doesn't mean I'm right or wrong or make me a bad person.

Last night there was a beautiful coincidence that I really needed to hear. In place of my sorority's Monday night meeting was a wonderful speaker who talked to my chapter and me about "embracing imperfections." She gave a wonderful speech that was about how sometimes your perfectionism can hold you back. Perfectionism can show up in numerous areas of my life that I didn't previously realize. Social, personal development, relationships, and appearance are just a few areas that perfectionism can show up in your life. Seeing and listening to someone who has overcome her perfectionist habits made me feel motivated leaving Monday night. It gave me a good jumpstart on the week.

I, personally, am so guilty of getting caught up in being the best in my work and relationships, and especially here recently. Whether it is just a small assignment or any kind of relationship, I struggle with being too scared to do something because I am scared I won't do it right or not be good enough. That's so unhealthy for me to live that way, so this speech was exactly what I needed to hear.

With last week and this week's midterm projects and papers, I procrastinated so much on the majority of my work because I was dreading even starting the process. A lot of the time, when I start something like that, I continuously think and hope I am doing it the right way, so it has gotten to where I push back even starting the work. It's this constant internal battle that keeps me so insecure about my work that makes it hard to focus. It has taken some time to realize that if I just start it it will be so much easier to finish. I am constantly working on how I can trust myself more so that I know my best effort is good enough.

Trusting in myself has always been difficult to do. I am constantly working on ways to better myself in my work or relationships that sometimes I forget to take care of myself first. Once I learned that self-love and finding your own happiness is so important, it makes finding happiness in relationships so much easier and more fulfilling.

Maybe I heard the speaker for a reason, or maybe it was just a beautiful coincidence that I already needed to hear. Whatever it may be, I know that I needed to hear that because I was really in need of motivation. The amount of procrastination or worry of not feeling good enough needed to be fixed. Honestly, I am not sure I even realized how badly I was being a perfectionist until I saw it in front of me. BUT it has motivated me to set realistic goals and continue in my self-care routine. I even started a paper that wasn't due for a week after that.

Taking care of yourself is something that needs to be number one on everyone's priority list. Find what works for you, and continue to follow through with a routine. Your mental and physical health will thank you, I know mine sure did!

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