1. Puka shell necklaces.

Puka shell necklaces were usually complimented with bleached tips and fake tans.

2. Crimped hair.

Crimped hair was one of the most popular styles. It has a tendency to reintroduce in ten year cycles. Let's hope it never comes back.

3. Bandanas.

All artists were seen wearing a bandana at some point during the '90s (Christina Aguilera, Snoop Dogg). How about bonus points to those who wore it as a top?

4. Jelly shoes.

Jelly shoes were usually produced as a sandal with little to no heel. Didn't wear them then, and I certainly don't wear them now.

5. JNCOs.

JNCO is a clothing brand known for their extremely baggy jeans. According to Women's Wear Daily, they are attempting a relaunch of the jeans this upcoming season.

6. Chokers.

Whether it was a spiked collar or a tattoo choker, these necklaces were part of everyone's wardrobe in the '90s. Not only were they horrendous, but they itched when worn for a long period of time.

7. One-size-fits-all.

This was a quick fad but will more than likely never return.

And for the win...

8. Middle part bowl cuts.

Enough said.