90 TV Shows Only '90s Kids Will Remember
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90 TV Shows Only '90s Kids Will Remember

These are the shows you rushed home to watch the second you got home from school.

90 TV Shows Only '90s Kids Will Remember

Everyone knows the 90s were hands-down the best time to be a kid because it had some of the most creative cartoons and kid shows around. From Rugrats to Legends of the Hidden Temple, many of the shows listed here remain timeless television classics. I also had to add some early 2000s shows because they were too good not to put on this list. If you grew up in the 90s, you're going to remember a lot of these shows. If you're not a 90s kid, don't worry: this list is a great resource for educating yourself on some quality TV. Enjoy reminiscing on your childhood!

1. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

2. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

3. All That

4. The Amanda Show

5. American Dragon: Jake Long

6. Angry Beavers

7. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

8. Arthur

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender

10. As Told By Ginger

11. Babar

12. Bananas in Pyjamas

13. Barney

14. Bear in the Big Blue House

15. Between the Lions

16. The Big Comfy Couch

17. Blue's Clues

18. Bob the Builder

19. Boy Meets World

20. Bug Juice

21. The Buzz on Maggie

22. Caillou

23. Catdog

24. ChalkZone

25. Clifford the Big Red Dog

26. Courage the Cowardly Dog

27. Cyberchase

28. Danny Phantom

29. Dave the Barbarian

30. Dexter's Laboratory

31. Dora the Explorer

32. Double Dare

33. Doug

34. Dragon Tales

35. Drake & Josh

36. DuckTales

37. Even Stevens

38. The Fairly OddParents

39. Figure It Out

40. Finders Keepers

41. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

42. Franklin

43. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

44. Full House

45. Get the Picture

46. Goosebumps

47. Guts

48. Hey Arnold!

49. It's a Big Big World

50. Johnny Bravo

51. Kim Possible

52. LazyTown

53. Legends of the Hidden Temple

54. Little Bear

55. Little Bill

56. Lizzie McGuire

57. Madeline

58. Maggie the Ferocious Beast

59. The Magic School Bus

60. Maisy

61. Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

62. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

63. My Life as a Teenage Robot

64. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

65. Osmosis Jones

66. Pepper Ann

67. Phil of the Future

68. Pokemon

69. The Powerpuff Girls

70. The Proud Family

71. Reading Rainbow

72. Recess

73. Rocket Power

74. Rocko's Modern Life

75. Rolie Polie Olie

76. Rugrats

77. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

78. Sesame Street

79. Sister, Sister

80. SpongeBob SquarePants

81. Static Shock

82. The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

83. Teletubbies

84. That's So Raven

85. Tiny Toon Adventures

86. Totally Spies

87. The Wild Thornberries

88. Zoboomafoo

89. Zoey 101

90. Zoom

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