9 Totally Awesome Things About Mountain Living
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9 Totally Awesome Things About Mountain Living

Small town living surely isn't for everyone.

9 Totally Awesome Things About Mountain Living
Engin Caliskan

Small town living surely isn't for everyone. But if you can't get enough of your small little mountain town, you probably agree with these points.

1. Fresh Air!

I moved to this mountain town from around the D.C. area and I never knew what the term "clean air" actually meant until I made it up the mountain. The air here is so fresh, its indescribable. When I go home now, I can feel the difference in the air and I can't stand that smog that I am breathing for a few days. Crisp mountain air isn't just a candle scent! Its the real deal people.

2. Snow

Many people are confused when I say I live in North Carolina, and it snows a lot. Well maybe it hasn't snowed too much over the last couple of years, but we still get the occasional snow that stops the entire town from functioning for at least a few hours. Nothing is more perfect then waking up to a mountain back drop and a fresh snow that has not been touched yet.

3. The Woolly Worm Festival

Seriously, this is a thing. Every year, on the third weekend in October, literally thousands of people flock to Banner Elk, NC to race woolly worms up a string on a huge stage! The winning worm at the end of the weekend determines the winter we are going to have which is determined by the color of the worm. The more black, the worse the winter will be; and the more brown, the more mild the winter will be. This festival is one you have to see to believe. And it is worth it!

4. Lees-McRae College

LMC brings a lot of students to the mountain town of Banner Elk. Whether it is because of sports, the desire to help injured wild life, or the love of theater, Lees-McRae is a beautiful college campus of about 1000 students that, in my opinion, is a hidden gem of North Carolina. It is the highest campus in the East Coast and and offers many outdoorsy activities like hiking and biking. LMC is also pet friendly, and yes you can bring your beloved pet to class!

5. Country Clubbers

If you have ever spent a summer in the mountains, you surely know about the country clubbers. In the small town of Banner Elk, NC, there are about five or six different country clubs nestled into the nooks and crannies of the county and these clubs flood with people during the summer. As soon as the weather is too unbearable in Florida, they slowly but surely come up to the mountains to share the cool mountain air all summer. We see fancy cars, hear the tiny planes, and the chop chop chop of the helicopters with country clubbers eager to kick off their golf game.

6. Pure Beauty

Once you've seen it in person, you understand. The Blue Ridge Mountains are like no other, and you can hardly capture the beauty in a picture. When you have visitors up here in the mountains, they will most likely say that after visiting, they now know why you love this place so much. There are a ton of hidden spots in these mountains that college kids pass down to one another that hold the most beauty. Whether its the backside of Sugar Mountain, or twisted falls, these secret spots keep us all in awe when we see them.

7. Slower Way Of Life

I grew up in a city in Maryland. It was busy all the time. Hustle and bustle was what I knew. Being here is like driving in the slow lane, but in such a good way. I have learned to take everything as it comes my way and try to enjoy every second. I used to just rush through things, always wanting to know what was next. Now, I have been able to slow down and enjoy life as it comes! And I believe this is because of the mountain way of life.

8. Everyone Is Friendly

This is honestly one of my favorite things about being in the mountains. Everyone is just nice, and for no reason at all! Everyone says hi, asks how you are, offers to help you with a task if they can, and are willing to do whatever they can to help. This was hard to get used to at first, because us Marylanders usually just wanted to do whatever we were trying to do and move on. The friendliness is very unique to this area, and I love it!

9. The Food

I saved this for last because its clearly the best. Biscuits and gravy??? Probably the culprit of my freshmen 15, but I don't care because it is just too good. Shrimp and grits, fried pickles, corn nuggets, sweet tea.....I'm just drooling thinking about it!

The mountains have changed my life for the better and I am so glad that I have been able to live here for a part of my life!

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