I know I can't be the only one who would be lost without their cousins. They are my best friends, the ones I go to when I am down, and are seriously awesome. Here is why cousins are the best friends.

1. They are born to be friends with you.

From the moment that you and your cousins are born, you are destined to be friends. There is the summer barbecue, Thanksgiving that always seems to go wrong, crazy Christmas Eve, and of course, birthday palooza. Sitting by yourself would get pretty boring, so playing Apples to Apples with your cousins sounds like a better plan.

2. They deal with the same crazy family members.

We all have a crazy Aunt So-and-So that no one really wants to talk to. With your cousins by your side, the divide-and-conquer method helps make the crazy family member encounter quick and painless.

3. They share the same genes as you (and probably jeans too).

Chances are that they deal with similar health issues, or understand to look out for them and know how to help you out. And as for jeans, everyone knows hand-me-downs from cousins are the way to go.

4. They support you like no one else.

They try their hardest to be there for you. From first t-ball games, to final dance recitals, homecoming and prom dances, and spelling bees, they will be there cheering you on and supporting you.

5. They aren’t "fair weather" friends.

Like I said, they are born to be friends with you. They aren’t going to leave you high and dry when you need them. Cousins are dependable and loyal, and better in your wedding party then someone you might not talk to five years later.

6. They understand “Let’s take a cute Instagram.”

If you are snorkeling in the ocean, you have got to document it, and what better way to show you are having a great time than showing who you are spending it with? They work part-time as your personal photographer or pose until the moment is captured perfectly.

7. They will always find something fun to do.

If you want to do something crazy, and not let your parents know, chances are you can talk your cousins into doing it. Spontaneous cousin road trips, dance lessons, scavenger hunts, and concerts are always a good idea. Just don’t break any bones or get tattoos that grandma will yell about the next day.

8. They understand the heartaches.

Because your cousins live them too. Whether it is the death of a family member or loved ones moving away, you are able to get through it together. There is nothing more powerful than uniting together to support each other.

9. They love you unconditionally.

It’s family. No one messes with your family, and they will make sure of it. If you are ever down, they will be there to remind you what an amazing person you are and turn your frown upside down.