Being sick, in general, is no fun at all. However, being sick in college really takes the lead for the worst possible time that you can get sick.

Whether it's a cold, the flu, or even a migraine, here's 9 reasons why being sick in college sucks.

1. Missing class isn't as easy as it was in high school

You don't have 20 allowed absences in college. One absence either means you're going to be catching up for a few days, completely confused or watching your grade plummet.

2. Good, home-cooked chicken noodle soup is not easy to find

Finding plain, good-old American chicken noodle soup is not easy to find on a campus that promotes so much food diversity. Nothing wrong with so many cultural choices, but sometimes you just need some soup.

3. The Student Health Center, while awesome and filled with medication, can be kind of scary

I don't know about anyone else, but I've been seeing the same doctor for years, and seeing a new one not only gives me a bit of anxiety but above all, makes me feel a bit disloyal. Sorry Dr. Charles :(

4. You worry that your roommate is going to be ~so over it~

Coughing attacks are not ideal. They are especially not ideal when you're trying to fall asleep so that you're not dead for your 8 AM. End of story.

5. Leaving your bed is WAY too much work

Sometimes your mediocre feeling, residence hall mattress is just so hard to get up from. Leaving your bed really makes you wish you took some classes online. Or just didn't go to college.

6. Napping freely is impossible because assignments can and will pile up

Time is not to be wasted in college. Especially when you have a full course load and struggle when you're not even sick. It's pretty rough.

7. Medication is expensive

Do I want a bottle of Advil or do I want lunch? A classic question when your head is pounding and your stomach is growling.

8. For some reason, whatever sickness it is, seems to be lasting FOREVER

Maybe your three week cold has something to do with the fact that you've gotten your whole floor sick, and now it's making its way back to you. Who knows in college, honestly?

9. Where is my mom???!!!

My first thought with my most recent sickness - how will I survive without my parents? It can definitely be a little nerve-wracking for you if this is your first time being sick without your parents there to nurse you back to health.

PS: Love ya mom and dad. Thanks for helping me not be sick for the past 18 years. I'm alone and suddenly helpless LOL.

Well, if you're reading this, maybe you're sick, just like me right now. In which case, get well soon!