9 Reasons Why Being An Introvert Isn't So Bad

Growing up, I always used to stay quiet and different from everyone else, or that's what everyone else thought about me. I didn't go out as much, had few close friends, and I always felt alone in a big group of people. I used to think that being an introvert was a bad thing and really wanted to change who I was as a person, but, as the years went on and I understood how people were like, I decided that this is who I am and I need to learn to love who I am as a person. I am always going to be an introvert and here are 10 reasons why it doesn't bother me to be called an introvert.

1. Being a good listener is a strength.

Being a quiet person, I listen more than I talk. I listen to what others have to say and pay attention. I listen to my friends about their lives and I like to focus on the details and analyze what they are saying. I like listening to what others have to say. People come to you more because you are willing to listen rather say anything back. Being a good listener is a strength.

2. When you say you care, you actually care.

If a friend of mine is going through a rough time, or anyone that I am close to, I actually care about what's going on and want to help as much as I can. Since I have very few people that I'm close to, I want them to be happy and make sure they are okay because they are important to me and I love them. When we say 'I'll be there for you through everything' and 'If you every need anything or need anyone to talk to, just let me know' we truly mean it because we actually care. You are willing to do anything for the people that you love and care about.

3. You know who your real friends are.

As an introvert, you know who you can trust and you know who your real friends are because you're more comfortable around them and can trust them with anything. Good friends are hard to find these days, but you are able to make the best of friends.

4. Thinking for you is natural and doesn't require much effort.

Since you are always listening to others and are quiet yourself, you think a lot. You are more likely to think before you say something and take things into consideration. You're more analytical and detailed because you spend most of your time thinking about things.

5. You know your priorities.

You know what is more important to you. You know that you would rather be studying than going out on a school night and would rather spend time with your close friends then go to a party where you know no one. You know what is best for you and tend to focus on things that matter to you the most.

6. You know yourself more than anyone else.

You have a better understanding of yourself more than anyone. Since you like spending time alone and thinking a lot , you tend to figure out who you are as a person and what you like by trying new things. You find out more about yourself everyday and test yourself to try new things and enjoy. You know yourself more and do things that make you happy.

7. People trust you.

Your friends and family trust you because you can keep secrets. They know that you'll keep it to yourself because you have no intention of blurting it out to the world and have a good heart. You care about other people and their feelings and you would do anything to protect your loved ones, so you can keep their secrets and people trust you to tell the truth.

8. Being observant is a secret power.

Calm and quiet people tend to be the most observant people because they are focusing what they are thinking. Being an introvert makes you more observant of others and an analytical thinker because it is natural for you. You observe things more quickly than others and that's a good thing to have. The more you observe, the more you think, the more analytical you are and judge people less. Observant people are very openminded.

9. We are actually really cool once you get to know us.

Being an introvert, we don't really like to put ourselves out there and keep to ourselves more. But once you get to know us, we are actually pretty cool and like to have fun just like everyone else. Introverts are also humans and are not always the stereotypical 'I don't want to go out because I hate talking to people' or 'I don't like being social'. We prefer to stay at home on a Friday night and watch Netflix, but we actually do like to go out once in a while and have fun. Get to know others before judging them, they may actually surprise you!

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