9 Pieces Of Advice From A 9 Year Old
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9 Pieces Of Advice From A 9 Year Old

The little girl I babysit teaches me lessons daily, so listen up for the wisdom.

9 Pieces Of Advice From A 9 Year Old
Sheridan Forker

Grace Ellen is a feisty nine-year-old with as much attitude and as many opinions as yours truly. She asks questions she probably shouldn't, she wants to learn everything about everything, and she dances both in her ballet slippers on the stage and in the kitchen when she tries something good. It is so easy to get swept up in the negative things happening in our world today, but luckily for me, Grace has a way of bringing me back down to earth. Perspective is such an underrated thing, yet it is something that each of us needs from time to time. I have my place of getting perspective, now so do you. Without further ado, here's Little Miss Grace Ellen.

"Hi, I'm Grace. Sheridan babysits me in the summers, and I am a fan of her because she does fun things and never makes me sit in the house. She is also really funny. I like to dance and read and play with my dog, Lucy. I also am a really good swimmer, especially with my mermaid tail. I am pretty smart and I am going to be a 4th grader this year. My best friends are Riley and Daniella. I love Jesus and my parents and Sheridan (most days). Some days she can be a bit wack. I am supposed to give advice for this article. Here are 9 things I know because I am 9."

Be Nice to People


You want to be treated how you treat them. Also if you are not nice to people they could tell the teacher. I want people to be nice to me, so I am nice to them.

When you make Smores in the microwave...


When you make smores in the microwave, it is best to put half the graham cracker with 3 pieces of chocolate and a marshmellow for 10 seconds. Then you take it out and smush the other half of the graham cracker on top for 5 more seconds. Boom. Perfect Smore.

Don't stand by the Pool during a Storm


My dad was emptying the pool because it was over the skimmer basket. He almost got struck by lightening and about peed himself. Don't do that.

Listen to "Boys" by Lizzo


Listen to the clean version. It's good. It's also funny. I like dancing to this song at least once a day. Sheridan is not good at dancing to this song, but you don't have to be a good dancer to like this song.

You should Laugh


My favorite thing to do with Sheridan is laugh. She says some silly things that make me laugh a lot, and you should find things or people that make you laugh as much as I get to.

Put Poster board down instead of Newspaper


When I was painting a pot we used newspaper and poster board to protect the carpet. The Poster board was so much easier to pick up, and the newspaper stuck to my feet. Always keep a spare poster board around in case you want to do a craft.

Old Disney Movies are actually Good


I like the new shows on Disney+, but Sheridan makes me watch the old movies from when she was my age. She is always right that they are good. My favorites have been "High School Musical 2," "Camp Rock," and "Parent Trap." Watching new movies has been fun.

Do Your Nails Once a Week


My nails chip off easily, especially because I swim so much, so once a week is the perfect amount to redo them. I like to do fun colors, my favorite is teal. I like having my nails done because they look so much cleaner.

Always get a Hash brown


Life is too short to go to McDonalds and not get a hash brown. They will make even the grumpiest person happier. Even the people that get mad at Sheridan's driving. Put a smiley face on your hash brown with ketchup. Hash browns are the key to happiness.

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