Classes are over, finals are done! Whether it be good or bad, the grades are in and you're free for three months! Summer is a fresh start, and with that, plans have been made to make this summer the greatest one yet. You've made so many plans that you'll definitely stick to.... until you're two months in and realize it was all a hope-filled lie. Here are the things that I will obviously do this summer:

1. Unpack everything the day you get back... or at least within the first few days

I always have the intention of unpacking all my clothes the day I get back, but then, before I know it, my duffel bags are shoved to the corners of my room and I'm still coming back to them two weeks later trying to find a particular shirt I need. I don't understand why I procrastinate on it, but something about hanging up clothes is just the worst.

2. Stick to a skin-care routine

Whether it be lack of time or just laziness, my skin is the first thing to get abused as school ramps up. Now that there isn't school, I can spend 20 minutes a night pampering my skin. Until it's two a.m. and I can barely keep my eyes open and I tell myself I can skip one night...

3. Read more

I have time to read all of the books now! I can read every genre and maybe even some non-fiction too! Oh, yeah, I mean, I guess I did restart my Netflix account for the summer (I broke...), but that definitely won't overshadow my reading time!

4. Get that summer bod

The beach is coming up, and I went on a lot of trips to Cookout this semester and I know I'd be a lot healthier if I did some cardio... haha, yeah I can't even realistically talk myself into this one, so I know that this goal will be short-lived. (Unless by some miracle it isn't and then hoorah! I'll take it!)

5. Take road trips to see all your college friends

Before leaving, you made wild plans to go visit each other. It sounds fun and perfect until summer plans get in the way and everyone is working or taking summer classes or out of town.

6. Invest in a new hobby

There's so much free time! I have time to learn to knit! Or I could write a novel! Maybe I'll take up hiking? However, they also require supplies... and knowing how to do them. Hmmm, maybe I'll stick to something I know... like napping.

7. Reconnect with old friends

This one is similar to #5. It's something you want to do, but everyone is going separate ways and a lot of people aren't coming back to your hometown and everyone is busy. But if you are able to cross paths, take advantage of it.

8. Look into jobs/internships/tests for next year

This one is something that is unavoidable but also really stressful. It has to get done, but you betcha that it'll be put far down on the list of to-dos.

9. Go outside more

The weather is warming up and it's so nice out. It's no secret that the outdoors is a wonderful place to be and think and do... until it's scorching hot and bees are everywhere and you are sweating in places you didn't realize could sweat.