9 Bands That I Wish Were Still Together
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9 Bands That I Wish Were Still Together

Listening to their songs today still makes me want to cry sometimes.

9 Bands That I Wish Were Still Together

The start of concert festival season makes me reflect on my inner-emo, and with that comes the thought of many bands that are no more. From the super popular groups to the bands I’m convinced no one has ever really heard of, here is a comprehensive list of bands that I still wish were together, if only for a day:

1. You, Me, and Everyone We Know

This band legitimately just announced their breakup as I was writing this on March 10. After every member but the lead singer, Ben Liebsch, left the band back in 2011, the group had its ups and downs, with Liebsch just finally putting an official end to the band in 2016. Before 2011, YMAEWK released two excellent EPs and a full-length, and, post-2011, released a few more EPs with a lot less touring than before. It is a shame to see the band end, but know it is probably for the best.

2. I Call Fives

This pop-punk group hails from New Jersey and has been on hiatus since about 2014. Their music can make anyone get on their feet and really gets a crowd riled up. I used to love them, and, quite arguably, still do. Many fans miss them and would love to see them return full time. Most notably, in the theme if returning, they just announced a single June show in Philly, in which they will play their fan-favorite EP, "Bad Advice,"in its entirety. Although this just seems like a random, one-show reunion, people are hoping this may mean more for the band.

3. Divided By Friday

This band is probably the greatest group that never was. After being inactive for almost a year, they announced an indefinite hiatus in May 2015 on their Facebook page. The band was signed to Hopeless Records and had a promising future in the early 2010–2013 period, with catchy alternative anthems like “Prove It,” “You Fooled Me” and ballad “Face to Face” featuring Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive. Divided By Friday had a great following and crashed before they could ever be what they were meant to be.

4. We Are The In Crowd

I wrote about their hiatus in a previous article, and although this is relatively new, I already miss them a great amount. WATIC used to be my absolute favorite band — every time they were in my area I would make sure to find a way to try and see them. After two full-lengths and a groundbreaking EP (a bit of a melodramatic claim, I know) that started it all for them, We Are The In Crowd redefined what it meant to be a part of the scene and for that, they will always have a place in my heart.

5. Every Avenue

This band (as well as my best friend’s love for this band) is partially responsible for my obsession with alternative/pop-punk. I’ve been listening to them since I was in the eighth grade, and their hiatus in 2012 wrecked me. With a smattering of EPs and three full-lengths, Every Avenue was the epitome of the 2010 scene era, if that era could even be named something. Every Avenue toured heavily and had its fair share of catchy songs, as well as emotional ballads, making themselves accessible and likable for pretty much any fan of the genre.

6. The Academy Is…

Although broken up, this band is not opposed to touring together every now and again, as this past fall has confirmed, when going on tour in honor of the 10-year anniversary of album “Almost Here.” Emo king William Beckett sang songs that had people everywhere sobbing over feelings they did not even know they had, creating a fan-base that still has trouble letting go today. I’ve never seen TAI live, but it is on my Bucket List to find a way to someday, when they decide to randomly go off hiatus and tour together again.

7. Fireworks

It pains me to discuss the semi-recent hiatus of this band, as well, since they were so critical to the cultivation of today's scene. Being best friends with the current pop-punk overlords, The Wonder Years, this band always had support within the music industry. This band created emotional, jumpy numbers that made you want to dance, scream and sob all at the same time. The last time I saw them was at Skate and Surf in 2015; however, I did, in fact, see lead singer Dave Mackinder sing alongside Soupy at Starland Ballroom in New Jersey last November during The Wonder Years' "Don't Let Me Cave In." I just hope that Fireworks can come back soon so I can see one of my favorite underdog bands kill it on stage.

8. VersaEmerge

Although Sierra Kusterbeck and Blake Harnage tried to create a mirage of an existing band over the past few years, VersaEmerge has pretty much been inactive since 2011. VersaEmerge had monumental success within the genre from 2009–2011, and could have amounted to something spectacular, similar to the likes of PVRIS today — the true irony here is that Harnage is heavily involved in PVRIS’ music today. With hits from their self-titled EP that I still listen to today all the way to its debut and only full-length album, "Fixed At Zero," VersaEmerge paved the way for female singers in the scene and left quite an impact.

9. The Cab

I saved this one for last just because of how much I love this band. I held on to the hope that The Cab would write another album long after I knew there was really no hope left for them as a band. Their two full-length albums, "Whisper War" and "Symphony Soldier" were pretty much the soundtracks to my high school experience — I listened to both of them way too many times to count. I was so drawn Alex DeLeon’s voice and the band’s overall sound, and, to this day, I really cannot explain why. The band was pretty much officially declared dead when DeLeon announced his solo project, Bohnes, although the band was inactive for more than two years before this announcement. The Cab will always have a special place in my heart, and I would love nothing more than to be able to see them play together again.

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