8 Ways Living on Your Own is Different

8 Ways Living on Your Own is Different

Being able to adapt is hard sometimes but it's just another part of life.


Living on your own is supposed to be fun and exciting. Finally having an apartment to myself is pretty amazing compared to a cramped dorm room. However, there are some things you may not realize at first when you make the decision to move out. These were some things I quickly learned.

1. Bills are evil

Literally, two hours after getting my paycheck most of it is already gone to bills or is being planned to be used for groceries or gas. It seems keeping money isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

2. Distance from family

I used to go home on week long breaks and sometimes the weekend but now my boyfriend and I both work and it's hard, and sometimes impossible even, to get the same day off. I don't feel right just ditching him to go home so it's often hard to find time to see my family.

3. Cooking

I don't mind cooking but for the last two years, I was getting used to being able to run to the dining hall to get something quick to eat between classes. Now if I want something homemade I need to make it myself in advance and eat it when I get the chance. The actual cooking portion of it isn't bad but it's hard to find the time to do so. It's also hard to keep eating healthy when it's easier to eat the junk food that's quickly accessible.

4. Balancing time

Between work, family, extracurricular activities and now school, it's hard to just find time for some fun. There is nothing more I'd like to do than walk around playing Pokemon GO with my boyfriend but it's time to be responsible.

5. Buying everything you need

The apartment was unfurnished when I moved in. Luckily my parents bargained at garage sales and helped us out tremendously. This was something I never thought about until after the lease was signed. Now that it is solely ours, my boyfriend and I are responsible for making sure we have everything and anything we need.

6. That bump in the night

Yes, I have neighbors who have been very nice. However, hearing noises at night has become much scarier now that there isn't a campus safety office nearby. When my boyfriend is working and I'm home alone at night I always get nervous when I hear sounds outside my window.

7. Cleaning

There is no longer a cleaning lady who vacuums and cleans the toilet so that's 100% up to you to do now. Greeeeat.

8. Neighbors

There is no longer an RA to go to when you hear drunk people yelling outside. It's up to you to either try to ignore it or to say something. It's so much different than being in a dorm building.

Despite it being hard sometimes, I know I made the right decision. This is a nice way to transition from college life to full adulthood. It's definitely an experience that will teach you a lot along the way!

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