8 Ways We All Relate To Rory Gilmore

8 Ways We All Relate To Rory Gilmore

Since there's a revival coming soon, we should all get caught up on the Rory personality that we all know and love.


We're all familiar with the phenomenon that is "Gilmore Girls".

I've always related to the show on a personal level, mostly since I've always envisioned Rory and Lorelai as my mom and I. But since they've decided to bless the entire world with a revival, I feel like there are some things to be said about how we all relate to Rory Gilmore.

1. She knows when she needs a good taco, or any food for that matter.

2. She's a smart cookie, but she knows when to lighten up and live a little.

3. Her wardrobe is iconic, mostly comprised of weird layers and Halloween costumes.

4. She's great at the whole "smile and wave thing", especially when it comes to relatives.

5. She knows that anything before 11 is too early.

6. Her soft exterior can still be broken in light of annoyance.

7. She sleeps a lot. Like a lot. Just like every high school and college student.

8. In spite of all her softer ambitions, she sometimes has ones that are big and loud, proving she can be spontaneous.

Rory Gilmore is who I strive to be, and hopefully by putting her on this level in gif-form, people can see just how relatable she is to all of us.

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