It's finally Friday! Time to put the books aside, close your assignments out, and take some well deserved time to yourself. Whether you binge watch your favorite Netflix shows, catch up on some homework, or stop by a few parties, make the most of your weekend!

For all my fellow UMass Dartmouth people, a few thoughts have crossed our mines at least once...

1. How late does it need to be where taking a nap turns into just going to bed?

The best feeling of going to bed is not having to set an alarm to get up the next day. But, two o'clock or six o'clock, we need to get a definitive time of when it's time to just call it a night.

2. Do I really want to walk all the way to Res for brunch?

The food isn't even that great. I mean, it's a little better than on the weekdays. Why are there no other places to get breakfast around here? I'm starving! Maybe if I just go back to sleep I'll get over it...

3. Who are all of these people outside of my window?

Why do you keep knocking? Do you expect us to have a full on conversation through the glass? No, I won't let you in!

4.Wow, look at all these parking spaces!

Looks like everyone has better places to be than to stay on campus. Oh well, better for me! Now I can move my car and leave it there so I never lose my spot!

5. Isn't that the third time an ambulance has come through here tonight?

You never really get used to the flashing lights. I know you're all having fun out there, but please, be careful.

6. Will DPS ticket me if I park here?

I'm just really not trying to walk all the way across campus. Please have mercy on my poor, lazy soul.

7. How much longer are my neighbors going to be up?

It's four am, if there was ever a time to turn down, please let it be now.

8. Ugh, I can't believe it's already Sunday. Wait.... oh god...

The assignments! The horror! All of the things I put off! I'll never do this again!

You say you won't repeat things over the weekends, but you know you'll be right at the same place next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!