8 Things I Won't Miss About Living On Campus

8 Things I Won't Miss About Living On Campus

It's all fine and great until you get a taste of off campus living.

There are a thousand and one things to love about Ohio State's beautiful campus - the Oval (which always has many, many dogs playing on it), that gorgeous view from the 11th floor of Thompson that makes studying just a little bit easier, and the hustle and bustle of the Union, where there's always someone giving out free stuff if you're willing to talk to them for a few minutes. There's even things to love about living in the dorms - how close you are to your classes, the dining halls, and living a maximum of 10 minutes away from your friends. As I prepare to move off campus in a little more than a month and FINALLY escape the hell hole that is Taylor Tower, here are all the things I won't miss about living in the dorms.

1. The Freshmen.

I'm sorry to anyone who might happen to be a freshman and reading this - but y'all in the residence halls are the worst. The freshmen on my floor are all in quads (which I was in last year, and there is no space). To make up for a lack of space, for whatever reason, these residents stand outside in the hallways and scream for extended periods of time. My personal favorite is when they do so at 3 in the morning on the weekends, bragging about closing out Bulls loud enough to wake me up from my slumber, which can be described as "death practice". I'm not sure why first years are also so loud and obnoxious, but I will not miss them when I move out.

2. The tiny rooms.

I feel like I live in a shoebox, but I have to share that shoebox with another person. Admittedly, I'm lucky to be in a super double this year, so I can't complain too much BUT I really am desperate for my own space that I can keep as clean or dirty as I please. Living off campus means having my own room, where I can sit pantsless as long as I want!

3. The benign rules

Quiet hours, not being allowed to have toasters or other random appliances, not being allowed to scream at the top of my lungs whenever I want to, the weird alcohol restrictions, I could go on all day. They make it really hard to do the things I need or want to do since RAs and other building staff are ALWAYS out to get you. I feel like I can never come home past 10 without getting bombarded with questions by the front desk, RAs, etc - hence why I usually come in through the basement. I can't wait to live on my own, make my own rules, which will only be one rule: There are no rules.

4. Sharing a tiny room with another (or worse, three other) people.

Like I said earlier, the dorms at OSU are tiny and what makes them worse is sharing them with other people. Sharing a dorm with another person can be really contentious and really tense, especially when you're both stressed or if your roommate is really inconsiderate. There are times where I just want to be alone, which is hard when I feel like there is a 6-inch hole in which I can occupy. And to make things worse when you do fight or bicker, there's nowhere to go! You share a literal shoebox! Good luck cooling off when you have to constantly climb over them and their stuff!! While moving off campus does mean roommates, it does mean a lot bigger space to have to share.

5. The twin XL bed.

I have never thought I needed more space in bed until all of a sudden, I had no space. I constantly feel like I need to spread out more, only to find all my limbs are hanging off the bed. Furthermore, my mattress topper is always sliding off the mattress and getting screwed up, making for a very lumpy mattress. I just want a normal bed, honestly. Please.

6. Not being able to cook for myself.

As nice as it is to not have to cook, dining hall food gets old really quick (see below). I live on North campus, and that means that there are only two dining halls near where I live: Scott Traditions and Curl Market. They get old so fast and don't have a whole lot of options. Like sometimes I just want some Indian food or some nicely steamed vegetables that don't turn white (looking at you, Scott). Plus, I used to be a vegetarian and had to stop partly because of how hard it was to get my nutrients.

7. Dining halls.

Dining hall food is gross. Every once in awhile, I am really craving those chicken balls from Scott, but most of the time, the food grosses me out. I have thrown a lot of dining food away once I got home because it ended up being nasty. OSU dining needs to step it up!!! I'm looking forward to having ~cheap~ options outside of dining halls and being able to have more options.

8. The gross buildings.

Taylor Tower has black mold in the basement, and my room last year had both mold in the bathroom and dried blood on the shelves. Like, sign me up to GET ME OUT!! A lot of OSU dorms are old, falling apart, and just kind of gross? Even the new buildings get gross because PEOPLE are gross. Admittedly, my roommates next year might be gross too (Jill, Mags, and Mere - please tell me you aren't gross!!), but there is nothing like walking onto your floor to see three people have thrown up outside their door onto the carpet and your entire floor smells like cocktail weenies for some bizarre reason.

All in all, living in OSU residence halls have given me great friends, great experiences, and lots of great memories. That being said, now that I have signed a lease and begun shopping for my apartment, I can't help but become more and more annoyed by those little things about residence halls! If you're living on campus next year, all I have to say is:

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What Do You Do When Tragedy Strikes Your Former Home?

In my desperate attempt to figure this out, I'm writing about it.


On November 8th, I woke up with a voicemail from my mom. It went a little like this,

"Hey, it's Momma. I'm sorry it's really early your time, but I wanted to have you hear from me before you got the news on. There was a mass shooting in Thousand Oaks last night at a country bar about ten minutes from where our house was in Moorpark. There are 12 people dead, the shooter is dead, and a cop. It was college night at the bar, so anyone over 18 could go in. There were students from multiple colleges there, that's all they know so far. It's just horrible." And so on. I made it about halfway through the voicemail before I pulled out my laptop.

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. This is what is referred to as one of the safest towns in America. This town was a short drive away from my home in Moorpark. These people are mostly my age. Then, the worst one occurred to me. What if when they display the victims' pictures, I recognize a face?

According to USAToday, the Thousand Oaks shooting is the 307th shooting on the 311th day of 2018. Are we supposed to allow ourselves to be desensitized to this gun violence? I sure hope not. I'll save you the agony of listening to how the rest of my day went. Long story short, I watched the news and cried more than I'd like to admit.

As the day carried on, I watched the pictures come up on my computer screen. I scrolled through social media and looked at my friend's posts of their friends being safe. Somehow, that did not calm me down. I watched the victim's faces pop up one by one on my laptop, and I listened to the stories.

All country music lovers, all college students, all heroes who helped save the lives of others before they lost their own. It was not until Friday that I realized I did recognize one of the faces. I logged onto my Facebook to get rid of a notification, and there it was. A picture of my childhood swim coaches, and Noel Sparks. Now, I understand that it's been years, but that doesn't make it any better. Each victim of the shooting had so much more life to be lived, and my heart breaks for each one of them. I send all of my love to the family, friends, and everyone affected by the Borderline shooting.

Not even a day later, there was news of a fire that is rapidly spreading. According to CBS News, The Woolsey fire has burned 98,362 acres of land and is only about 57% contained. While this fire has only 3 confirmed fatalities, the second fire that is burning in California has taken the lives of 56 people and burned 140,000 acres of land. I can spit out as many facts as my fingers can research, but it doesn't change the fact that my heart aches for my former home. When all of this tragedy happens and I'm 1,835 miles away, I have never felt so helpless. I donated to the victim's families, but I have not found a way to make sense of this in my mind. Why do these things happen? There's no concrete answer to this question, so am I going to wonder it forever?

If you would like to find a place to donate to the Borderline victims' families, click here. If you would like to find a place to donate to the victims' of the fires, click here.

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