In this wild and crazy life, sometimes it is hard to take a step back, breathe, and think about what we have going on. We forget to take time to reflect on our lives, we forget to take time for ourselves, and we forget to let our bodies rest. These things are important for our mental and physical health, and not doing them can really take a toll on our bodies and our minds. Especially as a busy college student, taking time out of the day to relax is important. By just taking time out of your day to do a few of these things, you may start to feel rejuvinated and focused again.

1. Journal

Keep a journal of how your day is going. Let out feelings, reflect on the good and the bad, and set goals for yourself. When you journal, take some time to reflect on and think about you.

2. Workout

It's hard to find time in busy schedules, but by staying in shape you will sleep better and feel better every day. Even if it's only 3-4 times a week, try to find time in your schedule to go for a walk or run. It's also a good time to think and relax, so why not!

3. Drink water

When all you want is more caffeine to get you through your day, make sure that you are still drinking water. Keeping your body hydrated will help you feel much better as you lead your busy life.

4. Disconnect from technology

Turn off your computer, iPad, TV, and phone for a little bit. Stay off of social media and avoid the negativity that frequents our world.Take time to live in the here and now, away from technology and those distractions.

5. Read

Pick up a new book you've been dying to read, or reread an old favorite. Find a magazine or a blog. Spend some time reading and continuing to grow your knowledge. Plus, reading is a relaxing pastime and may help you forget about the crazy outside world for just a little bit.

6. Laugh

Don't forget to spend time laughing; it is often the best medicine. Laugh at jokes, laugh with friends, and at times it's even OK to laugh at yourself. Let your laughter be contagious. Laugh for others and laugh for yourself.

7. Be kind

We live in a cruel world. Take some time to be kind to others. Whether it is sharing a smile with a stranger or sharing your gifts and time with friends and family, be sure to be kind to others. You never know when your little act of kindness could completely change somebody's day.

8. Be happy

Most of all, be happy. Don't let the stress and negativity of your life get you down. You are you, and you are awesome. That is something that you should be happy about each and every day.