8 Things to Start Doing in 2017
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8 Things to Start Doing in 2017

Yeah... This is basically just a New Year's Resolution list.

8 Things to Start Doing in 2017

I've always been a bit torn about the idea of New Year's Resolutions. On one hand, I believe that if you want to do something, you should just start doing it regardless of what time of year it is. On the other hand, the new year is like a fresh beginning to start a new life. And while it might not be as simple as "New Year, New You," there are definitely things that you can do to improve yourself. Okay, so these are actually some of my "resolutions," but I think they are good ones! And others can definitely find inspiration in them.

1. Put more importance on platonic relationships.

You know when a friend gets a new significant other and your friendship is put on the back burner? I'm guilty of this myself, but platonic relationships are just as important, if not more important than romantic ones. You shouldn't have to be in a relationship to feel loved and important. It's time we stop promoting investing all your time and effort and intimacy into one romantic/sexual partner.

2. Cut back on social media.

I understand that this is hard. Both of my jobs actually require a lot of social media networking. But limiting how much personal time you spend on Twitter or Instagram will free up your time to learn new hobbies and really invest yourself in your relationships with others NOT online. Refer to the old fashioned television, or even newspapers, for news!

3. Cut out people who make you feel like crap.

Life is too short to dedicate your time and effort into people who make you depressed or anxious or literally anything except happy with yourself and to have them be a part of your life. Don't spend time on people who are only putting in 10% when you give 100%. You are too full of life to be half loved.

4. Stop apologizing. Replace "sorry" with "thank you."

You don't need to apologize for things that you aren't sorry about. Period. And stop apologizing in self-deprecating ways. Instead of saying "Sorry I'm such a nuisance," say "Thank you for spending your time and patience on me." It shows them gratitude without projecting negativity.

5. Focus on taking care of yourself.

Dedicate yourself to becoming a better version of yourself, for yourself, by yourself. Set yourself goals and expectations. Stop beating around the bush and start doing the things you've always wanted to do. And take the time to care for yourself, physically and mentally. You can't be happy and helpful to others unless you are to yourself first.

6. Stop overanalyzing.

I understand this isn't always possible. Mental illnesses like anxiety and depression definitely can get in the way of this. But who knows? Different things work for different people. You can't fix everything so stop thinking that you can. Some things are out of your control.

7. Discover a new passion.

Here's where that extra time from not being on social media comes in handy. Try a lot of new things until you find something you really love. Poetry, photography, traveling, learning an instrument, playing a sport - literally anything. Even if you suck at it, you will be so proud of yourself and be a more well-rounded individual.

8. Stop beating yourself up.

If you don't do all of your resolutions, don't be mad at yourself. Life happens and plans don't always work out. If you fail to do something, it's okay! Stop hating yourself for it! Continue to build up your self-esteem by doing things you love!

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