8 Stages Of A Villanova Basketball Tailgate

8 Stages Of A Villanova Basketball Tailgate

2. Fighting your way onto the SEPTA.

1. "You're tailgating today? Indoors, right?"

Whether it's your parents or friends at non-basketball-centric schools, many people outside of the Villanova basketball bubble just don't understand what we do: tailgating on weekdays-- thanks, Pavillion renovations or why we do it; standing outside for 4 hours in 32-degree weather to support one of the top 5 teams in the country? No biggie.

2. Fighting your way onto the SEPTA.

If you're desperate enough, you'll try the station on South in hopes of getting there at the same time as the rest of your friends who were able to push their way to the front of the platform on West, even though you know deep down you really won't. Shout out to the extra impatient, who start calling "Uber's 5 minutes away, let's go" to their friends when the trusty SEPTA is only five minutes past its scheduled time to pull into the station. Game day rule #1: claim your spot on the platform as early as possible and never let it go, no matter how late the train is running.

3. Blindly following Villanova jerseys around Suburban Station.

You think, and act like you know where you're going, but do you really ? This false sense of direction is always put to the test when one of your friends can't go any further without a bathroom break and you fall too far behind the crowd.

4. Exiting Stadium Station

Not to be dramatic, but the walk from the SEPTA stop to the throngs of tailgaters for a nighttime game is strangely reminiscent of penguins making their trek across the Arctic, or maybe that's just me.

5. Hour 1

"This won't be bad at all, the cold can't touch me!!"

6. Hour 2.5- 3

"Drink yourself a sweater"

7. Hour 3

Time has never passed this slowly in my life, I can't feel anything, and will never be able to again. Probably need to be treated for frostbite. RIP fingers and toes

8. Game time baby!

Half of your friends have left and you really couldn't care less about anything but finding the "crab" fries stand (all fellow Marylanders are cringing ) at this point, but you're regaining feeling in your appendages, the Cats are almost guaranteed a win, and that's all that matters, right?

Cover Image Credit: Marcelle Allen

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Why Football Concussion Crisis Spurs Innovation

As the concussion crisis threatens football, the game has never been safer.

In 1906 Upton Sinclair published his novel, the Jungle, describing the horrific and inhumane practices of the meat packing industry. Following his novel’s publication didn’t come a shut down of the meat industry, rather, there was a critical overhaul in regulations and practices.

This is what we are seeing in football today.

With the concussion crisis being named as the “end of football” it is important to realize that some of America’s finest minds are working to solve it.

The helmet technology of the past has been nothing more than simple padding in a hard shell. Until recently the last major upgrade in helmet technology was adjustable air bladders introduced by Riddell… in 1971. This is the year that Elon Musk was born and when communists were a larger threat to Americans than any sort of concussion.

The concussion crisis has sparked a charge in innovation for equipment manufacturers never before seen in the sport. New companies like Vicis and i1 Biometrics are creating football technologies that aim to reduce concussions in football. Vicis alone has gained millions in support in just a few years to create on of the safest helmets in football.

Not only is the technology advancing quicker than ever, but more attention is being paid to tackling form. High schools across the nation have been using helmetless tackling drills to show that a helmet is a tool, and not a weapon.

Officiating has also been modified to limit dangerous practices on the field with harsh penalties for illegal hits.

Concussions in football will never be stopped completely, but by changing the way we think about them, we can make the game safer at all levels.

Cover Image Credit: Vicis Helmets

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7 Ladies of the Olympics You Have to Know

These badass woman are ready to dominate at the Olympics this year

The 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang have begun, and there are plenty of fantastic athletes representing their country proudly, from figure skaters to bobsled competitors to curlers. Although there are plenty of incredible male athletes, there are also a huge number of incredible female athletes dominating the Olympics. Their drive, their passion, and their dedication to their sport makes them irresistible to watch and inspiring to see achieve their dreams. Here are 7 badass ladies you need to familiarize yourselves with ASAP:

1. Mirai Nagasu

Sport: Figure Skating

Mirai Nagasu has been one of my favorite figure skaters to watch, with her incredible performances and beautiful dresses, but she is more than just pretty spins on the ice. Mirai didn’t qualify for the Olympic games in 2014 but made an incredible comeback this year to land a spot on the Olympic Team. She is the first U.S woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics and helped U.S Figure Skating win Bronze in the team event.

2. Erin Jackson

Sport: Speed Skating

Erin, at just 25 years old, is the first Black woman to compete on the U.S Olympic long track skating team, after being involved in the sport for only four months prior to the Olympic Trials. She graduated from Florida State with a B.S in Materials Science, and is most likely skating her way to a gold medal! Talk about a badass woman.

3. Chloe Kim

Sport: Snowboarding

At just 17, she won a gold medal in women’s snowboarding halfpipe. She is also the first woman, at age 16, to have won consecutive gold medals at the X-Games. She is sure to win even more gold at the Olympics this year!

4. Mikaela Shiffrin

Sport: Alpine Skiing

At the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Shiffrin was the youngest woman, at 18 years old, to win a gold medal in alpine skiing. She is ranked number one in the world for her event and is sure to come back strong for the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

5. Evgenia Medvedeva

Sport: Figure Skating

Evgenia is a Russian Figure skater and has set a world record for the highest scoring ever in a ladies’ short program at the Olympics. She’s just 18 years old; her routines are incredible to watch, and her performances often have incredibly meaningful themes behind them. Her short program had the theme “clinical death” leading her to first place.

6. Bradie Tennel

Sport: Figure Skating

This will be Tennel's first Olympic games, after placing first at the National Championship and dominating the competition. She is known for her incredibly effortless, clean skates, and will surely do well at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

7. Maame Biney

Sport: Speed Skating

Biney was the first Black woman for the U.S short-track speed skating team at just 17 years old! She is also the second African-born athlete (born in Ghana) to represent America at the Olympic Games. Can’t wait to see her bring it in the short track skating event!

Cover Image Credit: I.e Flickr

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