Everyone goes through stages of life where they are bored. Nothing seems to makes sense and every where that you look is another pointless task waiting for you. To spark up your life and make it a little less boring, try these super simple eight things that will surely make your life more magical.

1. Dance in the rain

If you are ever having a bad day and sky matches how you're feeling, I encourage you to go outside and dance. It sounds silly and you may look stupid, but there is something about dancing under the storm clouds with the rain falling all around and on you that silences the depressing thoughts. If you are bored and in need of excitement just go outside and dance. Watch your movements transform your mood and life.

2. Look at the stars from a roof top

Stars have always held a special place in my heart. Some night I have found myself staying up late just so that way I could see them. I would curse the clouds if they ever got in the way of me and the stars. Stars are beautiful. They are proof that something greater-- something not of the world exists. Call it what you want, but laying on a rooftop watching the stars is something that everyone should take the time for.

3. Kiss a stranger

There have been so many times that I have struck up a conversation with a person I did not know and instantly fell in love with who they were and what they had to say. There is something about kissing someone you hardly know that lights your entire world up. It's magical. If you are ever given the opportunity, kiss that person you fell in love with two seconds ago. (if it is mutual of course).

4. Run through a field of flowers

When I say run I mean full out sprint as fast as you possibly can. Find a flower field and then take off. For a few seconds, pretend the world is yours. Pretend that you are the only person on earth. It's just you and the flowers. It sounds dumb and probably gross, but I promise you that the feeling you get when you do this is worth you being out of breath for a few seconds afterwards.

5. Swim in a waterfall

Hike up a mountain and find a waterfall. Then, swim in it. Let the water cleanse you. I have always found the most life and magic in water, but nothing compares to that of a natural waterfall that God gifted into nature. If you ever see one and have the time, swim in it. Take all of the people you care about or keep it to yourself, but swim in it. It will change the way you see the world.

6. Hold a baby

The most magical thing in life is innocence and nothing is more innocent than a baby. Babies are proof that there is good to be found in a world of constant chaos and tragedy. If you ever want to feel better almost instantly, hold a baby. Listen to their sweet giggles and watch as their little finger curl around one of yours. Babies contain the magic of life that so many miss.

7. Sing to the trees

By sing, it can be an actual song or a little hum. Just make a noise to them as they sway in the wind. Sing with the birds and listen as the voice of nature reveals itself to you in return for your music. Trees contain a source of life from God and maybe, just maybe as you are singing God will allow you to see the life he gives them.

8. Scream at the top of a mountain

If you are ever frustrated and can not shake the feeling off, go to the top of a mountain or to the highest place you can reach. Then, scream. Scream as loud as you can until you can not scream any longer. Release your anger and frustration. Let the whole world hear it. You will feel better, I swear it.

I strongly suggest trying these 8 things out!