8 Signs That You Are An Old Woman At Heart
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8 Signs That You Are An Old Woman At Heart

Your friends think you are boring, but you enjoy being the old lady of the group.

8 Signs That You Are An Old Woman At Heart

Your friends probably tease you all the time and call you grandma or say that you act like an old lady, but you don't mind. You like to take it easy and relax. Your life is slow- paced and can be a little boring at times, but you love the way you are and wouldn't change a thing. If you can relate to the next eight signs, chances are that you're an old woman at heart.

1. You love when it rains.

You always know when it’s going to rain because your knees start to ache, but you love rainy days. The rain is a good excuse to stay inside and cuddle up next to a warm fire and read a good book. Listening to the rain puts you to sleep, which is also something you enjoy.

2. You watch what you eat.

You try not to over eat and are careful about what you put into your body, because you want to live a long life. You probably shouldn’t be too worried about it because you’re only in your early twenties, but it’s never too early to worry about your health. If you do eat something unhealthy, you regret it all day, until you get a chance to exercise.

3. You are an early bird.

You love waking up in the morning and brewing a fresh pot of coffee. You could sit on the front porch, drink coffee, and watch the birds for hours. You enjoy the simple things in life and thank god every day for letting you live in such a wonderful country.

4. You love children.

You love being around little kids and know how to take good care of them. You can change a diaper, make a bottle, and understand that kids need love and discipline. You will be a great mother one day, but you do not want to start a family until you are married and financially stable. You are well aware of how hard it is to raise a child, which makes you a very cautious. You love children, but you don’t want them anytime soon. You like playing the grandma role. You can fill the kids with sugar and then send them home to their momma.

5. You can’t drink coffee past a certain hour.

You are not the typical teenager girl that loves drinking Starbucks at all hours of the day. You love to drink coffee, but if you drink it past noon you won’t be able to fall asleep at night. Too much caffeine is your worst enemy, because you love sleeping.

6. You love daytime television.

"Judge Judy," "The People’s Court," "Hot Bench," "Michael and Kelly," and anything on the Food Network can occupy you for hours. You used to hate watching these shows with your mom after school, but now you can’t wait to watch them. You even record the shows, just so you can fast forward through the commercials. You love watching "Judge Judy" roast the defendants.

7. You love talking on the phone.

You would rather talk on the phone for hours instead of texting your friends. It is more of an inconvenience, but you always have so much to say. It is also easier to be sarcastic over the phone. Sarcasm is one of your best qualities. (It comes with age.)

8. You love to sleep.

You can sleep just about anywhere. You can sleep in your bed, on your couch, in class, and even in church. You go to bed early and love to sleep in. You would rather sleep than attend a party. Your hate leaving your bed in the morning, but you love returning to it at night or roughly 7 p.m. Your bed is your best hello and worst goodbye.

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