7 Reasons Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Their Periods
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7 Reasons Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Their Periods

Even though women are often told it is disgusting.

7 Reasons Women Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Their Periods

1. Because mostly all women have one.

I don’t understand why women are ashamed about something that is so common. Again, this society attempted to shame women for something that is a form of the body becoming unraveled and is out of a woman’s control.

2. Because it’s a pain to hide tampons under your shirt.

When walking to the bathroom, it’s so frustrating to have to hide feminine hygiene products from the world. It’s also difficult.

3. Because it’s not a choice I can make.

Women don’t choose to have their period, so I shouldn’t have to be ashamed of something that’s out of my control.

4. Because just because it’s not traditionally “attractive” doesn’t mean its “bad.”

I understand that people don’t think of periods as cute, and women are often treated as sexual objects, so this is concerning to some people. There are many apps that try to “track periods to tell women when they can have sex again.” To me, periods don’t matter in relation to sex and shouldn’t need to be confined to patriarchal norms.

5. Because we can bleed for sometimes seven-days and not die.

Another reason that women are incredibly strong and physically impressive.

6. Because it is referred to as taboo. But why?

This article will probably be shamed, and I’m OK with that. In my opinion, there’s no reason for it. People laugh and try to brush periods under the table and laugh them away, but there’s no clear reason why. Because it’s blood?

7. Because just because I am a woman, does not mean I need to be shamed due to menstruation.

Women are shamed enough due to our patriarchal culture, and this does not need to be another thing that is added to the list.

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