8 Reaons Why My Cousin Is My Closest Friend
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8 Reaons Why My Cousin Is My Closest Friend

Best friends since birth.

8 Reaons Why My Cousin Is My Closest Friend
Alana Magro

Everyone has that cousin they're inseparable with. And if you're lucky, that cousin just happens to be your first best friend. Here are eight reasons why my cousin is my closest friend.

1. We were practically raised together.

Some of my first memories were you and I fighting over who got to use the play kitchen at grandpa’s house or us watching Disney movies in my mom's room with sippy cups filled with milk. There’s not a period of my life where you were absent. You were always there, arguing with me, making me laugh and loving me through it all.

2. The distance only made us stronger.

Going to different schools and growing up in different towns made our friendship even stronger. Seeing each other on the weekends gave us a chance to gossip about what happened over the week and we filled each other in for hours. You had your friends at your school, and I had mine, but we both knew having one another was the ultimate best friend.

3. Family events become much more bearable.

We can all admit that family events aren’t always on the top of a tween’s priority list, but when you know your cousin is going to be there, everything becomes much more exciting. I remember we would always run off into my room and try to avoid socializing with others for as long as possible, or until dinner was ready.

4. Our interests became one in the same.

From our matching Hannah Montana wigs to our taste in clothes as we grew up, there was no denying that you and I are very similar. There’s not a moment we weren’t on the same page. We were always into the same TV shows, songs, or fashion styles. I’m pretty sure we had matching white turtlenecks and cheetah vests at one point too (couldn’t tell you why we thought that was the cool thing to do).

5. Sleepovers went from habit to tradition.

Although our parents may have forced us to have those weekend sleepovers as kids, soon enough that’s all we looked forward too. Movie marathons, popcorn and milk and PB&J sandwiches with you was my picture perfect weekend (and still is).

6. LBI Summers.

How can we forget the many summers spent in LBI together. Arguing over who gets which twin bed (even though they were literally identical) and eating SpongeBob ice cream on the front steps of the shore house.

7. We are always each other's biggest fans.

Whether it was me shouting for you at your field hockey games, or you supporting me during a piano recital, you were always there. We went from cheering on one another's dreams from middle school sports events to wishing each other the best of luck as we’re off to college. Regardless of what age we are, supporting each other is what we do best.

8. We know our personal “do’s” and “don’ts.”

You know my pet peeves, and I know yours. You hate eggplant; I’ll never drink tea. Your outfits are usually very put together, while I typically walk out of the house looking homeless. I love horror movies, and you’ll run the other way if I even dare to put one on. We get each other.

Bottom line: I can write endlessly about why my cousin is my closest friend, my most trustworthy friend and my better half. She is younger (by a bit) but is always the person I look up to. And usually when people ask who’s the girl I’m with 24/7, I don’t just say she’s my cousin - I say she’s my sister.

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