8 Perks Of Having Your High School Best Friend As Your College Roommate
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8 Perks Of Having Your High School Best Friend As Your College Roommate

After four years you and your best friend ended the journey of high school and now have decided to room together for college. Many people will tell you that is a terrible idea but here are some perks with rooming wioth your bestie

8 Perks Of Having Your High School Best Friend As Your College Roommate

Sharing clothing

You scan through your drawers and closet and even though you clearly have tons of shirts none just seem to fit the perfect way. Your only option is to scream across the room and ask your bestie for that blue top. They in return will raid your closet for that grey dress you wore to your cousins wedding. Shoes will always be this category even if you’re 2 sizes bigger than her. She might be pissed if she sees you walking around campus in her Birkenstocks but chances are she’s wearing pair of your nike shorts. Every necklace, bracelet, earring, and ponytail is now free to use. No need to spend money on a necklace for one night when your best friend already has it on her desk.

Their food is your food

What no one tells you when you go to college is that you’ll be constantly starving. Your dorm will look like Sam’s Club with snacks stacked in your closet. The mini fridges will have nothing but humus and Gatorades. But when your stash starts to get low or the sight ramen now makes you sick you can always turn to your best friend to provide. She will always be there to save the day with some Kraft Mac and cheese. You also know her so well that you know where she even stashes her best food and you know she wouldn’t mind if one of her Cliff bars went missing. The only bad thing your food will slowly start to get up and walk out the room too.

Nap time

3 o’clock rolls around and the wave of college hits you. You sleep walk to the dorm and jump into your bed like a beautiful cloud. You pull back the covers to discover that your bestie is already waiting for you to take a nap. Cuddle sessions are not weird but mandatory. You punch them if they snore too loud and kick them out the bed if they drool of your sheets.

Whenever you run out of something they’re always there to share

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you’re using the bathroom and you look to your right don’t the roll of white heaven is all gone. You have a mini panic attack trying to decide what your next plan in action is. All of a sudden you take out your phone and text you’re the first person on your messages to give you some TP. You hear ruffling around the room then the door creaks out and a roll of toilet paper is being thrown at you. Tooth paste and dry shampoo also fall into this category. You can’t just roll out of bed with your hair looking greasier than the Mcdonalds fry and have your breath smell like the landfill.

Deep talks

“Hey can I ask you something?” always leads to hours on hours of deep talk. You can always talk about anything and everything. These deep talks will always make you and your bestie grow closer. Nothing beats drunk talks on the bathroom floor as you’re both sharing a bag of ruffles.

Gossip sessions are 24/7

Walking around campus you see a lot of things that either make you go Oh Hell NO or Oh Crap. Barging into the dorm you just have to say you’ll never believe who I saw with whom and those simply words begin your gossip sess. Whenever your friend group has drama you’re already texting each other separately the emoji of the rolling eyes. The cafeteria is one of the places where the most gossip happen.

You’ll always have your own make-up/ hair artist

Whether you’re lazy or simply can’t get your liner to have that purrrfect flick your best friend will always be there to step in. Since we were not born with eyes behind our head we have to have someone step in to say that we missed a piece of hair when we were straightening it. They also know the right way to make that perfect curl that you just could never do by yourself. While they have master the art of the Chi you have master the art of YouTube make up videos. You know how to perfectly contour and highlight their face and your cat eye is extremely fierce.

That they are your best friend

No matter all the fights you get in to pick up their dirty socks at the end of the day they’re your bestfriend you wouldn’t want to room with anyone else.

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