8 Differences Between The West Coast And The East Coast
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8 Differences Between The West Coast And The East Coast

Believe it or not, they're "hella" different


Despite the United State's claim to be one "united" nation, as the third largest country in the world it contains its share of different groups and contrasting customs. Comparing the western and eastern coasts can be like comparing night and day. As a California girl-turned Virginia college student, here are # notable differences between the West Coast and the East Coast.

1. Rock, paper, scissors, WHAT?

On the west coast, because we have busy and important lives, we say "rock, paper, scissors" and reveal our symbol on "scissors." But on the east coast, they can't settle for just rock, paper, and scissors--they have to shoot, too, so they say "rock, paper, scissors" and then "shoot." Where does the madness end?!

2. Teenagers on the East Coast shake hands.

It is the most uncomfortable thing for someone new to the East Coast. As teenagers we are basically children, and as children we should not be shaking another child's hand when we meet him. What do we do with our hands when we meet someone? We don't pretend to be middle-aged men in an important business meeting.

3. People on the East Coast have manners. People on the West Coast...don't.

The thing is, Californians are, how do I put thus...they're @ssholes (and I can say that because I'm a Californian). Meanwhile, I don't think I've opened a door since I got to college; boys are all too eager to open them for me (trust me, I don't mind). People also do nice/civil things here like say hello and ask how you're doing and wait to hear your response. It's wonderful.

4. It rains.

Ok, so this point is more for California than the entire West Coast, but it's a point worth noting. California is in the middle of its harshest, driest drought in recorded history. Meanwhile, not only does it rain on the East Coast, period, but it rains in the summer. What kind of weird antithetical rainforest crap is that?!

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Want to drive a west coaster to their mental breaking point? Give them a full cart in an East Coast Walmart and make them watch in horror as the cashier puts each item in its own plastic bag. Back on the West Coast, it is hard to find a garbage can at all; instead you get to choose between paper recycling, plastic recycling, metal recycling, and compost. There's a 14 per cent chance that you will sort everything incorrectly.

6. The East Coast has more political variation.

While all three states bordering the Pacific are as blue as the sky, states bordering the Atlantic are more of a toss-up. Regardless of your political views, a region with mixed political views probably helps make you a more well-rounded and insightful human being, both personally and politically.

7. East Coasters don't have to worry about TV spoilers.

Because back in California when a TV finale is on, my friends and I have to turn off our phones and put them facedown on the floor so all you East Coasters don't spoil what we've been waiting for for eight months. Thanks a lot, guys.

8. Preppy vs. Boho Chic.

Nothing will give a West Coaster more of a culture shock than going from surf shorts, crochet tops and tribal print rompers to polo shirts, colored shorts, and boat shoes. You can't afford to dress that conservatively when it's consistently ninety degrees outside and there's an outdoor concert every weekend.

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