8 Chicken Dishes To Try Making If You're Looking To Mix It Up
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8 Chicken Dishes To Try Making If You're Looking To Mix It Up

If you're a vegetarian disregard this article, this one is for my fellow meat lovers out there, specifically my chicken enthusiasts.

8 Chicken Dishes To Try Making If You're Looking To Mix It Up

Chicken is such a versatile food, and if you're like me and eat chicken every day, it's kinda nice to mix it up a bit by preparing it in different ways. Here are a few crowd favorites.



For those looking for a healthy way to prepare their chicken, grilled is the way to go. It's cleaner and better for you, but can easily be spiced up with seasonings sprinkled on a skillet or grill.



Nothing is easier than picking up a heated rotisserie chicken from the local grocery store. The options you can do with a rotisserie chicken is endless, the moist flavor goes well in just about anything.



Everybody loves fried chicken. Something about the crunch of the salty skin just adds to the savory flavor of the meat itself. Whether you're a breast, drumstick, or even thigh person, there is a body part for everyone.



The only thing better than chicken is when there is something baked into the chicken, two meals in one! Baking stuffed chicken can be an easy and filling dish if you're stuck deciding between two things to eat.



Chicken wings are probably the most creative style of chicken cooking, mostly because of the endless possibilities of sauces. Buffalo, Hot, Garlic, Spicy Barbeque, Honey Barbeque, and Old Bay, are just a few types of sauces that chicken wings can be dressed in.



Originally from Jamaica, this meal will put your taste buds in a whirl. The perfect hot spice glaze or rub will make you want to travel all the way to Jamaica and thank whoever invented this treat.

Chicken Parmesan


This crispy breaded dish topped on a bowl of spaghetti or pasta, with a glass of red wine, sounds perfect for a date night, or night at home.



Last, but most importantly not least we cannot forget the sacred chicken nugget. It's crispy, goodness leaves our mouths watering for days. It is the meal that almost every American child grew up on, the meal available on every restaurant kid's menu, and the meal that even grown adults cannot refuse eating. It's chicken nuggets that make the world go round.

So after reading this article, I'm guessing you're probably pretty hungry and if you're like me, chicken is on the menu. Pick your favorite and get cooking!

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