8 Reasons Why to be DPhiE
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Student Life

8 Reasons Why to be DPhiE

Justice, sisterhood and lots and lots of letter sweaters.

8 Reasons Why to be DPhiE
Leah Sherin

Nationwide, sorority and fraternity rush festivities are coming to a close. Sorority classes are meeting their new member educators and wondering if/when they will get to cross over to become full members. At Brandeis, the baby unicorns of Delta Phi Epsilon are starting the process of learning what it means to be a sister, and hopefully picking up on the unwritten rules of our chapter’s snapping-for-your-sisters habit (@deltapis: snap when you agree with a point, when someone accomplishes a goal, or anytime you feel a “Yaaaas” would be appropriate).

On a personal level, this month marks a year since I joined DPhiE. In honor of rush ending and my 1-year DphiEversary—side-note: I’m not even a little bit sorry for that incredible portmanteau—I am taking a moment to reiterate why I joined Delta Phi Epsilon and why I am so grateful to be part of the sisterhood.

1. No hazing.

Bonding from a place of mutual respect creates a much more real and honest connection. The rule is so strict that even keeping new sisters in meetings past midnight is un-kosher.

2. Leadership Team (LT's)'s Member-at-Large, aka the sisterhood’s therapist.

Note: technically, she has other responsibilities, but I think her role as therapist ranks the highest. The fact that we have a sisterhood therapist at all says a lot about the kind of support that DPhiE provides, not just between sisters informally, but as an institutionalized policy.

3. Voting voting voting.

We spend about 1/3 of our time voting for new initiatives or for new positions. Everyone can express their opinions, running for office is easy, and it is easy to become involved.

4. Sisterhood conferences.

Sanctioned by nationals, conferences are an awesome way to meet sisters. Being able to meet sisters from across North America is mad cool.

5. DPhiE Facebook groups are the absolute best for several reasons.

The most important reason is that they show how DPhiE sisters make an effort, without nationals or anyone prompting them to do so, to create a worldwide community of members. Other reasons they are the best include the fact that there are groups where sisters can buy discount deepher apparel, and that sisters can belong to a group called “Nerds of DPhiE.”

6. The Triad.

DPhiE's official magazine, The Triad, is shipped to sisters' homes and keeps everybody updated on sorority events. It feels pretty awesome to see sisters' personal accomplishments highlighted and broadcasted in the sisterhood-wide magazine.

7. Our letters look good on sweatshirts.

That is just a fact.

8. International President Tricia Carlin might write on your wall on your birthday (Yes, it happened.)

Can you imagine if the head of the NHL wrote on a hockey player's Facebook wall for her birthday? That is what it feels like when Tricia Carlin sends a sister birthday wishes.

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