70 Thoughts I Had Watching Shameless Season Two

70 Thoughts I Had Watching Shameless Season Two

You seriously don't remember what happened last time? Well, here's what you missed...

A couple weeks ago I fell head first in love with a little show called Shameless. Well, this week I'm back again here to discuss my thoughts on its sophomore season. I didn't think things could get even more intense than they did, but boy was I wrong.

A season of return appearances, a few goodbyes, and a whole lot more craziness, season two of Shameless did not fail to disappoint. It put us in a great spot for season three and I can't wait to continue to see what else is in store.

1) Awh, all the kids are starting to look older already. Wow.

2) Really, Lip we joked about fight clubs last season and now you’re heading one? What are you doing?

3) I don’t like New Mandy. I want Old Mandy back.

4) Lip, you had a whole season to get over Karen. Why aren’t you there yet?

5) Lip and Kev having an ice cream and weed truck is weirdly genius.

6) I’m so proud of Sheila taking things one step at a time literally.

7) Bye, Kash. You are and always forever will be a coward.

8) Fiona, your father, Veronica, and everyone else are right. All the men you choose are pussies.

9) I am all here for Miss Independent, aka Debbie.

10) Okay, seriously what is Jasmine bringing to this show? It feels like her sole purpose is to mess up Fiona’s life.

11) Yay Aunt Ginger’s back, and she’s got a new man. Get it Aunt Ginger.

12) The fact that Mickey now works at the Kash and Grab with Ian is adorable, but also doomed.

13) Ugh, I wish Frank would leave this poor woman Dottie alone.

14) Emo Debbie is my aesthetic.

15) Oh my god, Frank you literally gave Dottie’s chance away at getting a heart. God, Frank is the worst. There should be a drinking game for how many times I say that a season.

16) The scene with Fiona and Frank hiding under the table after Craig’s wife shows up to hurt her is oddly touching.

17) Yes, Karen and Jody are getting married. Finally, Lip it’s time to move on. Wrong.

18) You know what, I may like Karen now cause she’s getting help. She seems to be bettering herself and really isn’t leading Lip on. This is all Lip’s doing.

19) Ethel and Malik are adorable and they both have kids! Kismet.

20) It’s like The Scarlet Letter up in here with Craig’s wife. Oh my gosh, yes Fiona was in the wrong but so was your husband honey. Calm down and don’t bring your kids into it, you crazy.

21) I am all here for Sheila and her fabulous new hair do.

22) Ugh New Mandy. I liked the scene where she helped Debbie with her makeup, but it just feels so forced that they’re putting her character in the show.

23) So it’s really no shocker that Karen is pregnant, but it better not be Lip’s or Frank’s. We got enough Gallaghers to deal with and I seriously want Lip as separated from Karen as possible.

24) No. Why?!?!?!?!? New Mandy and Lip ugh. Pass. I want Lip to move on into less trouble, not more!

25) Okay, why is everyone on this show just noticing how hot Lip is? Sorry, ladies I’ve been here since season one. Get to stepping.

26) Love how everyone thinks Frank killed Eddie cause yes it does seem like something he would do.

27) What is the point of Richard? Fiona’s definitely never going to be with him.

28) Oh my gosh no, Ian wants to go to West Point, not Lip. Oh, my poor baby.

29) Kev is learning how to read. His character just keeps getting better and better.

30) Oh shoot, Ethel definitely wasn’t calling for Malik’s relatives to kill her polygamous husband but good call.

31) Steve is back with better hair and so is Grammy, but with not so great hair.

32) Frank is a delight compared to his mother. I cannot stress that more.

33) Sheila telling off Frank’s mom was a beautiful moment.

34) Grammy is awful, but at least she gives the kids money. Can’t say the same for Frank.

35) As long as Ethel ran away with Malik and not her crazy cult wives, I’m perfectly fine with it.

36) Jasmine is such a waste of time. She’s really only there so we can see everyone go to cool places like yachts or clubs. Other than a change of scenery, I’m done with her.

37) I’m so over this Lip and Ian feud.

38) Really, Jasmine now you’re in love with Fiona? I feel like you’re in love with anything that’s pretty.

39) Karen is so selfish and whiny and annoying and I just want to be done with her already.

40) Jasmine has done everything for Fiona? Girl, get gone. Man, this is really the season for goodbyes.

41) For once, Frank does something good and keeps his mouth shut about Ian and Mickey.

42) I love that Fiona is going back to get her GED. Good for her.

43) Estefania is adorable and funny, just wish I knew more of what she was saying.

44) This whole season is Lip just messing everything up for himself, and I’m not about it.

45) And in the parade of goodbyes, Mickey makes his exit as well. See you next season.

46) Hurricane Monica, indeed.

47) Steve is right. You can’t give teenage boys ultimatums Fiona especially Lip who is at the epitome of divaness this season.

48) Sheila is killing it this season. She’s going outside, steals Jody from Karen, tells off and kills Grammy, and is treating herself as she should.

49) I despise Monica to the core, but her taking Ian to a gay club was really sweet.

50) Oh my gosh, Mandy’s pregnant now too? I swear to God if Lip is the father of two different children from two different women at the same time I’m out. This isn’t Jane the Virgin!

51) The squirrel fund! Damn it, Monica.

52) Awh, Kev and Veronica are trying to have kids. Can I volunteer to be their child?

53) I’ve said it before and will say it again. I cannot keep track of another Gallagher on this show. Stop trying to have more children, Monica.

54) I feel bad for Mandy. I still don’t like her though. She seems meaner and more annoying than last season. Actress or character thing, or both, I’m still not on board.

55) I feel bad that Fiona gets the brunt of everything. Why wouldn’t she want to be able to believe in her mom when her dreams are coming true? I feel for the girl.

56) Jimmy-Steve haha.

57) I know I’ve been giving Lip a lot of crap this season cause he’s been the worse, but his video to his future baby was precious.

58) There are no words for that Thanksgiving episode. None. The more you think about it, the more heartbreaking it is.

59) They would never let all of those Gallaghers into the delivery room but that was still really touching.

60) Karen’s baby is the most adorable angel in the world.

61) Karen is the absolute worst. She is rude to anyone who tries to support or care for her. She is selfish, immature, and ungrateful. If I had Sheila as a mom, Lip wanting to be with me, and an adorable baby, I would be so happy. I can’t believe she could be even more cruel.

62) Karen is still the absolute worst aka a monster.

63) Even if Karen was right that Lip wanted the baby to be his, the girl loses all credibility by not finding out who the actual father is a long time ago and not telling him otherwise.

64) That’s right, Sheila. You steal that baby and love it for who it is.

65) Steve really does love Fiona and care for those kids. You can tell, but it really feels like he won’t be able to break away from this sketchy lifestyle he’s been living.

66) That’s right, Tony you let Sheila keep that baby and piss off Karen.

67) Of course the guy Ian hooked up with was Steve’s dad. Gosh, can Mickey come back already? I don’t have time for these shenanigans.

68) Monica hits yet another all time low. How she left Debbie and said she would only miss her and not Frank at all was tragic.

69) Karen acts like making her mom choose between her and her baby is a hard decision. It’s a no brainer. Goodbye Karen!

70) Lip’s back home and all is well with the world. Damn, these Gallaghers were stressing me out this season.

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