5 Ways to Help Your Community While In Quarantine
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5 Ways to Help Your Community While In Quarantine

Please don't forget about your community just because you can't be out right now.

5 Ways to Help Your Community While In Quarantine

Our community needs us more than ever right now. I know some cities aren't on lockdown anymore, but for those cities that are still on lockdown, please don't forget about your community. Life is so difficult right now, but it is even more difficult for those who own businesses that rely on people to physically come to their store. A couple weeks ago, I was given an extra credit assignment to do five things for my community while practicing social distancing. It got me thinking about if other people were paying respect to local heroes that have been working so hard during the pandemic. Please use these ideas and pay it forward to those working extra hard in your community.

1. Write a letter to your local grocery store.

Most grocery store websites have a link on their page on how to send a letter praising the staff of a certain grocery store.

2. Make a sign and put it in your front yard thanking healthcare workers.

3. Make masks! (if you are talented enough to do so!)

This is one I couldn't do due to being artistically challenged.

4. Order food form local restaurants .

Local restaurants are the absolute best!

5. Thank people on social media for practicing safe social distancing!

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