Ahh. Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year....right? If you're anything like me, sometimes it can feel like the most stressful time of the year. It's easy to get tied up in all of the holiday shopping, the insane mall traffic, the hunt for the best deals, and the crazy family members that will probably be sleeping in your bedroom. Here is some advice to help you avoid the holiday madness and save you from pulling all of your hair out this year.

1. Have a game plan. Sit yourself down with a pen and some paper. Make a list of everyone on your gift-giving radar and what you want to get them. Think about where you can purchase these gifts and schedule time for yourself to run out and get some shopping done. If you're looking to save time, online shopping can be a blessing. Look for holiday deals and discounts and take advantage of them! Doing this in advance will help lower your stress levels and keep you in the Christmas spirit!

2. Avoid prime time shopping hours. Great deals + kids home from school + people off of work = retail chaos. Knock some things off of your shopping list during the weekday mornings and afternoons. You'll be in and out of these stores so quick that you won't even get stuck behind the woman asking to speak to the manager because her 5% off coupon has expired.

3. Turn on some Christmas music. Go ahead. Sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the top of your lungs in the car like nobody's watching. Who cares if the guy next to you at that red light is recording you? Get snapchat famous.

4. Volunteer. Prepare a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child or volunteer at your local soup kitchen. Helping people less fortunate than yourself will help you remember what Christmas is all about. Giving isn't about your wallet. It's about your heart.

5. Treat yourself. Hey. You’re awesome. Don't forget about yourself this year. Buy yourself a gift and slap a tag on it.

From: Me

To: Me

You deserve it.

6. Be grateful. Sit back and appreciate all of the amazing people in your life. So what if your Aunt Susan bought you another GAP sweatshirt this year? She went out of her way to get it for YOU. That's pretty cool. Thanks, Aunt Susan.

7. Be a better person. Thank the retail worker who is busting his butt just to make sure that you get the perfect gift. Be patient waiting in lines and be courteous on the roads. Let that guy in the pick-up truck out in front of you for a change. Life is too short to be in a hurry. Embracing the Christmas spirit is more contagious than you think! After all, Santa is still watching- no matter how old you are.